Miley Cyrus Had The Best July 4th Party

When it comes to throwing parties, Miley Cyrus is a queen. Miley Cyrus gathered her nearest and dearest for a July 4th bash they will never forget. I mean, there was a pizza so big Cyrus and her pooch could sit in the box with plenty of room to spare. And it wasn't just the amazing pizza that made the party memorable (although, that would have cinched it for me), it was Cyrus and her pal's commitment to the theme. They celebrated America's birthday with sparkling American flag outfits, lots and lots of red, white, and blue glitter, and an inflatable Uncle Sam. Now that's how you throw a Fourth of July party with style.

Cyrus' closest squad members were in attendance including Wayne Coyne, lead singer of the Flaming Lips, Katy Weaver, a photographer and Coyne's girlfriend, tattoo artist Lauren Winzer, Cyrus' big sister Brandi Cyrus, record producer Mike Will, and fashion designer Jeremy Scott, among others. Cyrus, Coyne, and Weaver all have matching tattoos on their chests, and the trio's BFF-dom was on full display this weekend as they dressed in adorable coordinated, star-spangled outfits.

Check out the pics below and prepare to feel some major party envy. I'm sure your party was great, but did you have an inflatable Uncle Sam to hug or an American flag photo backdrop so your guests would feel like they were walking a red carpet? I didn't think so.

The Drool-Worthy Backdrop

Look at the photo op setup! I covet everything about this picture, from the outfits to Uncle Sam and Cyrus' incredible America ears.

Sisterly Love

How adorable are these two? Sisters who party together are the best kind of sisters.

America Selfie

Weaver and Cyrus posing during what looks like some pre-party prep. If that's Cyrus' vanity, she is totally prepared to accessorize for any occasion.

Mega Pizza

See, now this is where Cyrus wins Queen of July 4th. Anyone can throw some hot dogs on the grill, but precious few people could order a pizza of that magnitude. Where is this majestic pizza place and do they always have these gargantuan boxes on hand? Also, look at the puppy!

Patriotic Jello Shots

Cyrus and her pal Mike Will look ready to throw back a holiday-themed Jello Shot in this pic, but I am far too busy admiring Cyrus on fleek brows to notice.

Uncle Sam In the Spotlight

I'm sorry, but Uncle Sam was definitely the party's MVP.

Group Shot

Primping, selfies, giant drinks — Cyrus and her friends are just like your squad prepping for a night out in this pic.


The newest member of Cyrus' family was also invited to the party. It's OK, go ahead and awww.

Raise your hand if you want an invite to her next party. Between the colorful decor, the on-theme outfits, and her wonderful friends, Cyrus definitely won the Fourth of July.