OREOS Just Got A Grown-Up Makeover

Good news for all the OREO fans out there: There's a new addition to the OREO family, and it's called the OREO Thin. I'm beyond excited about it (because, well... OREOS, you guys) — but what is an OREO Thin, exactly? Basically, it's your favorite childhood treat all grown up. I don't know about you, but I think that's kind of amazing.

According to a press release, an OREO Thin is "a crisp, delicate cookie that delivers on the OREO cookie taste you already know and love." They're intended to appeal to a slightly more adult audience: People who grew up loving OREOS, but now want a more refined version of the treat. Because who says you can't have cookies once you leave single digits? No one. That's who. Oh, and did I mention that OREO Thins are permanent offerings? No worries about not being able to get a hold of them after their brief moment in the sun like all those limited edition OREO varieties!

The cookies will be available starting Monday, July 13 in Original, Golden, and Mint flavors. Personally, I'm most looking forward to seeing how the thinner cookie halves affects the chocolate-to-cream ratio. Historically when Oreo has played around with this number, it's been by adding more cream (hey there, DoubleStuf OREOS!). Ideally, I'll perform a traditional taste test pitting OREO Thins, original OREOS, and DoubleStuf OREOS against each other. Stay tuned.

As I'm growing up, I like the idea that my favorite childhood foods are growing up with me. It's not just OREO that's refining a childhood treat; here are five other foods from your childhood, all grown up:

1. "Uploaded" Lunchables

I will always remember Lunchables for the horrible crackers and marinara sauce combination that they somehow convinced suckers to buy as "DIY Pizza," but apparently the joke's on me: Lunchables is making bank with their "Uploaded" line of larger size Lunchables aimed at teens.

2. YOPA Greek Yogurt

The kids who got YoCrunch yogurts in their lunches were so lucky, because let's face it: The yogurt was just a vehicle for transporting cookie pieces or candy to your mouth. Well, YOPA is using that same method but replacing the regular yogurt with Greek yogurt for a trendy, grown up twist.

3. Homestyle Kraft Mac and Cheese Bowls

Kraft Mac and Cheese is the best, hands down, but if the orangey stuff of yore doesn't appeal to you anymore (you're crazy, the neon orange color is what makes it great), then Homestyle Kraft Mac and Cheese Bowls are here to satisfy your refined mac and cheese cravings. Try it in flavors like White Cheddar or Creamy Broccoli.

4. Italian Herb and Parmesan Chex Mix

Chex Mix, the most humble of snack mixes, has gotten several grown up makeovers including a dark chocolate variety, a chipotle cheddar variety, and an Italian herb and parmesan variety.

5. Rold Gold Pretzel Thins

In an attempt to appeal to more grown up pretzel lovers, Frito-Lay released Rold Gold Pretzel Thins in a variety of fancy flavors.

Images: Nabisco (2); Lunchables, YoCrunch Yogurt, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Chex Mix, Frito-Lay/ Facebook