11 Two Toned Lip Looks That Are Just Too Cool

We all know how polarizing makeup can be; from those who proclaim it's the patriarchy's fault that women even wear it, to others who feel even more powerful with a slick of mascara. But one of the more controversial lipstick looks has to be the two toned lip. Wherever you stand in the great makeup debate, you most likely are able to appreciate the entertaining, bold, and creative ways that cosmetics can be used. From over-the-top Halloween costumes and body-painted art projects to Kardashian-level transformative contouring and challenging summer expectations, it's clear that makeup is powerful.

But different from ombre's soft gradient, a two-toned lip separates the shades by showcasing two different hues within the same pout, but by giving each color a lip of its own. By pairing two complementary pigments from a similar color family you can add more depth to the visual field, and potentially alter the perceived size of your lips. Or, for a more dynamic look, pick two distinctively different stains — like red and blue — for an in-your-face impact.

Intimidated? Indifferent? Interested? Whatever you might be feeling about this trendy take, you've got to admit it's eye-catching, for better and for worse. If you're ready to pucker up and let your lips have the limelight, then scroll through for some duo-hued inspiration!

1. Brace Yourself

Upgrade your marvelous metal mouth with two bold and opaque options.

2. Candy Coated

Anything can offer pigment inspiration when you're up for experimenting — even your favorite candy!

3. Sporty Style

Show support for your favorite team by pairing their colors together in one flashy pucker.

4. Matchy-Matchy

Forget coordinating your bag to your shoes, the modern matching is all about #twinning your lips to your hair (and outfit).

5. Grape Escape

Not sure which way to shade? Crowd source your look to make a final pick!

6. Patriotic Pucker

Although the Fourth of July has come and gone, there's no reason you can't start planning for 2016!

7. Deep Impact

Create a bigger impression by picking two shades that are drastically different from your ensemble.

8. Vintage Vixen

Put a soft, retro spin on the duo with a sweet, pearlescent pout.

9. Pastel Perfection

Paint your pucker with a pair of pastel purple hues for an unexpectedly delicate smooch.

10. Subtle Shade

Pick two similar colors — a shade or two different — for a more understated impact.

11. Color Me Happy

Life is too short to fade into the background!

Images: Liz Black; Christiesays, Makeupbycamilasanchez, Jolanijolie, Juleswick, Thelizblack, Jennifercorona, Eiashajaura, Eliyohmy, Lilydeletoile, Sydneydartistry, Simplypalesa/Instagram