16 Times Kourtney And Scott Broke Fashion Rules

Kourtney and Scott were always the two characters on Keeping Up With the Kardashians that told it like it is. Sure, there are plenty of times where Scott and Kourtney looked and acted fabulously Kardashian (just look at Kourtney in the Kardashian Hair ads), but there have been multiple occassions where K and S let their odd grooming habits slip on national TV. While I mourn over Kourtney and Scott's break-up, I feel the need to revisit these moments.

I have to say, between tinted moisturizers and pubic hair trimmings, the two keep it real. They eat junk food and rock ridiculous outfits in public, and that's why I can tell Kourtney and Scott never cared about what we thought of them. While the best part of this list is all the times Scott defied beauty standards for men with his appreciation for personal grooming, Kourtney's also never been afraid to voice her diva needs. They certainly did make an unintentionally fabulous couple, and they will truly be missed.

Her are all the times Kourt and Scott truly defied our ideas of beauty and fashion standards.

1. The time Scott wore a fur coat like it was NBD

A lord will do what a lord wants to do.

2. When Kourtney rocked straight sweats head to toe

They're comfy, okay?

3. When Kourtney wasn't afraid to be a diva

Who needs to be a lord when you can be queen?

4. When Kourtney added a daring accessory to her pajamas

It's a sex toy, in case you're wondering.

5. When Scott complimented Kourtney's outfit with this strange comment

Oh Scott, I'll miss your backhanded compliments, but Kourtney might not...

6. When they decided to say "eff it" to calories

Eating cupcakes in bed is my ideal relationship, to be honest.

7. Because dinner is the most important meal of the day

Beauty standards are temporary, pizza is forever.

8. And funnel cake is the most important food group

Can Kourtney be my best friend?

9. Well that, and froyo

It's like any health concerns disappeared when those two were together. I kind of love it.

10. When Scott wasn't afraid to voice his opinion about Kourtney's outfit

She's a chic bumblebee, though.

11. When Kourtney was so high maintenance that she needed to beautify for labor

I mean, who knows when the papparazzi will strike.

12. And let's not forget the time when pregnant Kourtney wasn't afraid to ask for help with her personal grooming

No relationship is more comfortable than this one.

13. When Scott defied gender stereotypes and insisted on a manicure

A boy's gotta do what a boy's gotta do for nice nails.

14. When Scott wasn't afraid to assert his taste in fashion

He just likes the finer things in life.

15. That time Kendall was so tall that Kourtney refused a picture

Supermodel sisters are hard to come by, but Kourtney doesn't care.

16. And of course, that time when Scott admitted that he wears makeup

I wonder if it's Laura Mercier?

RIP Kourt and Scott and their badass beauty ideas.

Images: Giphy (17)