8 'PLL' Characters Who Are Definitely Not A

There is no shortage of Pretty Little Liars theories out there in regards to A's identity. Some are convinced that it's Wren, while others are positive Aria is behind it all. Then there are a few who have even begun to question themselves from time to time. (I could be A, guys. I'm really not sure at this point.) And that's because, on this show, you can almost never be certain of anything. However, I'm hoping to break that longstanding way of thinking by proclaiming that there are certain PLL characters who absolutely cannot be A, under any circumstances. Right now, we live in a world where everyone is under our careful scrutiny. But given the sheer fact that not everyone can be guilty (at least, I certainly hope not), I'd say it's high time we narrow the suspect list down a bit.

So where do we start? Well, that is the tricky part of this particular situation. So many characters have looked guilty at one point or another that it's hard to completely rule anyone out. But I am determined to clear a few names before this day is done. So based on everything that we know and have seen thus far, here are the PLL characters I believe to be 100 percent innocent in this whole A game.

1. Caleb Rivers

Let's start off with the most obvious, shall we? I mean, there is no way that Caleb can be A. I won't stand for it. Yes, he has the computer skills and hacking capabilities to be A, but wouldn't that also make him a little too obvious of a choice for a show that constantly enjoys throwing us for a loop? Plus, he's always used his tech skills to help the Liars rather than hinder them. And everything he's ever done has been to protect Hanna. There's no way he would've tortured her in that bunker. Oh, and let's not forget the time that he straight up left the show for Ravenswood. If he really was A, there's no way they would've let him get written out of the story. I rest my case.

2. Spencer Hastings

There are many people out there who believe A will turn out to be one of the Liars themselves, which seems both genius and downright heartbreaking. Right now, Aria looks the most guilty out of all of them, but I am positive that it definitely won't turn out to be Spencer. For one, she's gone through the most torture out of all of the Liars. Why would she put herself through that if she was the one really pulling the strings? Plus, Spencer is always the one so obsessed with solving the A puzzle. She wouldn't care so much if she already knew the answer. Not mention that she's already temporarily worked for the A Team. I feel like anyone who has already been caught donning the black hoodie can't possibly be the true culprit that we're looking for, otherwise it would seem a tad repetitive. Which leads me to…

3. Toby Cavanaugh

He, too, has already been caught working for A, so to have him eventually be the real A would definitely feel anticlimactic. Unless, of course, Charles is Toby's twin, who killed the real Toby and has been pretending to be his brother ever since. Now that would be a surprise twist. But as for the real Toby, I'd say he no longer needs to be on our rAdar.

4. Mona Vanderwaal

Not to sound like a broken record here, but again, having Mona be A just doesn't seem like the direction this show will choose to go in. She was already a huge player on the A Team in prior seasons, but even she's admitted that her actions were done at the instruction of someone else. She may know more than she lets on, but that doesn't make her the woman behind the curtain. Then there's the fact that we saw her get attacked and thrown into a trunk by someone. She clearly didn't do that to herself, which means there's a bigger reveal out there to uncover.

5. Alison DiLaurentis

Ali is capable of many things, but I think we can all agree that whoever has this crazy obsession with this Queen Bee isn't Alison herself. Not even she could pull off such a massive fake out. Despite all of her manipulative behavior in the past, Ali is definitely the victim and not the perpetrator in this scenario.

6. Emily Fields

Aside from the reasons I've already mentioned for the others (like the fact that Emily wouldn't allow herself to be tortured if she was A), Emily just looks way too innocent to be capable of such behavior. Or perhaps that's just what she wants us to think? No, what am I saying? She's definitely too nice for such a thing. It can't be her.

7. Dr. Anne Sullivan

A clearly didn't want the Liars talking to Dr. Sullivan when they went to visit her earlier this season, which puts her firmly on Team Innocent in my book. Otherwise, why would A care if she knew who Charles was or not? It just wouldn't make sense.

8. Mr. Biscuit

I'm 99.9 percent certain about this one, you guys. But then again, when it comes to this series, you never know.

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