If Caleb Is Big A On 'Pretty Little Liars' It's The End Of The World. Actually.

By now, any Pretty Little Liars fan worth their salt knows that Tuesday night's Season 5's finale "Welcome to the Dollhouse" will reveal Big A's identity, finally. After years of elaborate fake-outs and camera trickery, the infamous black-hoodied figure will be unmasked at long last (at least to us, the viewers at home). And while theories of who it might be continue to run rampant throughout the internet, I had what I'm sure most of you would label as an unthinkable thought: What if Caleb is Big A? Even the mere suggestion of such a thing is too horrible to contemplate. I mean, this is Caleb we're talking about. There's just no way it could be him… and yet it does sound like the sort of gut-wrenching twist PLL would pull.

After all, let's not forget that Keegan Allen himself told Bustle that the Big A reveal would be "heartbreakingly beautiful," and I can think of no greater heartbreak than discovering that this beautiful man was the face behind this mAdness all along. But before you try and have me shipped off to Radley Sanitarium for placating such crazy notions, humor me for just a moment by at least considering the possibility that C(A)leb is A. What would this mean for the series as a whole? And how would it change things moving forward? Well, for starters…

Haleb Would Be Ruined

I think we can all agree in saying that this would undoubtedly be the biggest heartbreak of them all. Out of all the amazing 'ships on this show, Hanna and Caleb's relationship has always been one of my favorites. So to have all of those precious moments and stolen kisses now be tainted by A's presence is almost unbearable. Haleb as we know it would be effectively ruined. Even if Hanna still remains in the dark, we would know. And that's all it would take to sink this iconic 'ship.

Alliances Would Be Questioned

If you thought you were paranoid before, that'll be nothing compared to the level of trust issues you'll develop after this devastating blow. Because if Caleb can't be trusted, then there's no telling who his other minions are out there. Is Toby in on this secret? IS HANNA? Sure, they're all (probably) innocent victims in all this, much like ourselves. But I'm telling you, right here and now, I'll never be able to trust anyone ever again if Caleb's our big bad. Not just on this show, but in life in general. (That includes you, Mom and Dad!)

His Backstory Would Take Center Stage

Now that we'd know the who, the next biggest question that would be on everyone's mind would be the why. What has Caleb's driving motivation been throughout the course of this series to make him betray his friends in such a big wAy? We know he moved around to a ton of different foster homes throughout his childhood. But what could've happened to set all of this in motion? Is he somehow connected to Alison? Perhaps through another secret part of this twisted DiLaurentis family tree? Maybe his name used to be Charles, but he changed it to Caleb? I don't know, you guys. I'm still hoping — nay, praying — that this won't actually be the case. But on a show like this, even mind blowing possibilities like this are never off the table.

Everything We Thought We Knew Would Be Shattered

Remember back when we naively thought amazing guys like Caleb could actually exist? I really miss those days. Now all those sweet remarks and heroic gestures leave a bitter taste in my mouth. And as for his phenomenal hacking skills, I guess his entire assistance in all that was less helpful and more hurtful. Seriously, FML.

Even Caleb Tears Would No Longer Hold Any Meaning

Well, alright, they would still hold some meaning. (I'm not a robot!) But knowing that they were more than likely fake and based on a foundation of lies, it would certainly not carry the same amount of heartbreak.

His Time At Ravenswood Would Need Further Explanation

How was he able to be away and still torment our Liars back in Rosewood? Were his minions doing most of the work at that time? Was he responsible for all of Ravenswood's woes as well? Was it all just a figment of our imaginations and he was in Rosewood the whole time? Have I completely lost touch with reality? (Probably.) Either way, we need to get to the bottom of this ASAP.

It Would Make Him A Murderer

I'm honestly not sure who I'd feel more sorry for: Mona or myself.

We Would Start To Fear For Hanna's Safety

Watch your back, girl.

That Is, When We Aren't Too Busy Feeling Dead Inside

So please, PLL writers, don't do this to us. Our poor little hearts simply can't take it.

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