Is 'The Bachelorette's Joe Bailey Single?

The Bachelorette may be winding down, but it was filmed months ago. While most of the suitors are already back in the swing of their real lives, they aren't able to be public about it until each episode airs and they are officially dismissed on television. With that in mind, is Bachelorette contestant Joe Bailey single? The Insurance Agent and Kentuckian (as well as Ryan Seacrest look-alike) has not been eliminated or left yet on the ABC series. However, he hasn't had too many significant moments or connections with Kaitlyn, so any Joe Bailey fans may need to brace ourselves. I would guess that he might be most bummed about having to leave Ireland so abruptly.

He hasn't made any announcement of his relationship status. However, since he's still an active contestant, it's highly possible that news of a current boo will be made public for those who want to know soon enough if and when he is eliminated. So, what has Joe been up to since competing? There isn't much we can glean from his social media. However, I have a feeling that he's taking it easy after such a stressful dating experience on The Bachelorette — even if Kaitlyn is by his side. Here are a few clues as to his current activities.

Live-Tweeting His Nights In

I don't know about you, and I know plenty of couples that chill with Netflix, but that is the tweet of a single person (myself included) if I ever saw one. Sorry.

Hanging With The Boys

Again, pretty strong evidence that he's available, y'all!

Palling Around

You can tell this dog missed his mister! Joe Bailey also has several horses.

Enjoying Being Back Home

Not a horse or S.O. in sight. This was posted on July 5, and may or may not be a spoiler.

So, nothing here suggests that he's involved in any way — he's doing his job well. However, if Joe Bailey does have a girlfriend that he's managed to hide for the last couple of months, can you imagine being that girl? I get that secret relationships and "going off the grid" are both fun and exciting, but that seems a little intense and brutal.

Image: Felicia Graham/ABC