Emily Schuman's Clothing Line Now Available on Shopbop, So You Can Finally Have Your Own Cupcake And Cashmere Vibes

Personally, it seems like the fashion gods are smiling upon me these days. I mean, just a few weeks ago I begged the stars for a Cupcake and Cashmere clothing line, and alas, they have timely answered my prayers because Emily Schuman's first line launched on Shopbop today. The lifestyle and fashion blogger is known for her California vibes. Think Lauren Conrad, but attainably styled, and you get Emily Schuman. Her preppy fashion sense translated into 23 affordable items that make up her debut line, which is filled with cozy sweaters and shift dresses perfect for fall. The look book shows off Schuman modeling her favorite pieces, so you can tell how well they fit into her aesthetic. Besides a pair of shorts that price at $205, everything remains in the $100 or below range — so with a few paychecks you can totally mock Schuman's style. Pretty sweet, right?

The most popular item, a navy blue floral print jumpsuit, is (unfortunately) already sold out. Schuman's line was recently announced, so I'm sure she's had a large fan following waiting for this moment. If I had an endless abyss of money right now I would probably buy the whole line too, to be honest. My fall wardrobe is always in need of more oversized sweaters — whose doesn't?

If you're ready to go back-to-school shopping (or back-to-office shopping for all you working folk), Shopbop has went to the liberty of curating outfits by combining Cupcake and Cashmere pieces with other designer selections. Needless to say, they create killer outfits. Here are my top picks from the line.

1. Duster Jacket

Tan Trench Coat, $145, shopbop.com

White Button-Up Blouse, $110, shopbop.com

2. Forest Green Jacket

Army Green Hooded Coat, $175, shopbop.com

Grey T-shirt dress, $100, shopbop.com

3. Denim Shirt

Denim Button-Up, $100; shopbop.com

White Lace Skirt, $95; shopbop.com

4. Midi Skirt

Pleated Midi Skirt, $115; shopbop.com

Happy shopping, bloggers!

Images: Courtesy Brand (5)