6 Bloggers Who Should Create Labels Using The New Digital Brand Products Platform

You're probably already familiar with Chiara Ferragni's shoe line, and Michelle Phan's Birchbox-inspired Ipsy, but what about all your other favorite bloggers who have yet to create lifestyle brands of their own. Digital Brand Products is a new platform created by boutique agency Digital Brand Architects that will help bloggers create their own labels and sell their own products through a streamlined process.

Digital Brand Architects is already known for providing talent management services to popular bloggers like Aimee Song and Shea Marie, so their latest innovation makes total sense. DBP will work by providing bloggers with financial and operational support, along with brand marketing. “Our influencer partners have built great brands already with devoted and dedicated followers, and they have a voice and aesthetic they want to convey through product development," CEO Daniel Landver told Pret-a-Reporter. "The biggest challenge is how to do that well." DBP becomes the solution to this problem by assisting in everything from product development to merchandising and marketing.

So far, according to Landver, DBP already has three product lines on the roster for this October. He hopes by the end of the year they will have 10 successful brands across the fashion, beauty, food, and lifestyle blogging spheres. “We are not just slapping people’s names on generic product. The goal is to build long-term viable brands," chief strategy officer Raina Penchansky said. "You can have a massive following but if your audience doesn’t feel that a product line is an organic extension to the conversation, a brand will never work.”

In honor of this awesome development, we have a few suggestions about who we'd like to see launch a lifestyle brand next. Watch out, Ferragni!

1. Ingrid Nilsen

Besides being incredibly brave and inspirational, Nilsen is also a killer beauty vlogger. Her upbeat optimism would translate well into a beauty line. I can already see her classic red lip being the new Ruby Woo.

2. Emily Schuman

This Cupcakes & Cashmere lady already has her own book (and it's AWESOME), so I could only imagine her creativity with a lifestyle brand. Her preppy style would make for a great fashion line, but I'm also thinking her interior decorating skills could give Pier 1 a run for its money.

3. Man Repeller, AKA Leandra Medine

Medine was one of the first bloggers to adopt the whole "Eff it, I'm going to dress for myself" attitude. She embraces baggy boyfriend jeans, turtlenecks, grandpa sneakers (you know the ones), and yet always looks so stylish. She dresses with the boys, not for the boys. I'm surprised she hasn't designed her own clothing yet, to be honest.

4. Kathleen Lights

This beauty vlogger had a collab with Colour Pop a few months back, and it was probably the most lust-worthy palette since Urban Decay's original Naked. I predict that this only shows her true potential for launching a makeup line full of bronzy shadows and peachy blushes. Come on, Kathleen, I need this on my vanity.

5. Lisa Eldridge

At first glance, Eldridge's Youtube channel looks like any other beauty vlogger's. What many people don't know is that Eldridge is actually a celebrity makeup artist who's worked on the likes of everyone from Katy Perry to Emma Watson. Her work appears in print (cough, Vogue) and on the red carpet. Oh, and then she sometimes manages the time to post her own YouTube tutorials. NBD. If she can do all of this, I think she can launch her own makeup line.

6. Kristina Bazan

This Kayture blogger is equally as successful as Chiara Ferragni, but she has yet to create her own clothing or accessories line! Her style is pretty fluid — she rocks everything from festival fringe to leather studded moto jackets. There's no doubt she would be able to create a brand to cater to all people. Please let this happen!