Which Bachelorette Are You? This Interactive Flowchart Will Take You On A "Journey" To Your Truest "Connection"

OK, admit it. No matter how "real" the "journey" is, you're completely obsessed with The Bachelorette . The women-in-charge spinoff from the original Bachelor is the only right way to spend a Monday night (along with a bottle of wine, of course). For years, you've watched, cried, screamed, cringed, and celebrated as some of your favorite Bachelorettes found love (and possibly lost love, but that's neither here nor there). You may have even imagined which Bachelorette you would be. After all, you have bonded with the women in ways one can only bond with a television personality.

Well now you can cut the crap and actually learn which Bachelorette you are at heart. Are you an Andi, who is career-driven and so does not take BS from anyone? Or are you a natural comedian who has killer dance moves, a la Kaitlyn? At the risk of erring on the side of theatrical, this is the most dramatic rose ceremony ever — oops — the most important thing since the last rose ceremony. Ever. So "take a moment and say your goodbyes" to all of the past Bachelorettes that you thought you were, because this is basically confirmed by science.*

*Not actually confirmed by science, but Chris Harrison would totally approve.

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