Never Say These Things To a 'Bachelor' Fan

Think what you want, but there's a reason that 19 seasons later The Bachelor is still on the air. People love the reality show no matter how silly some others may view it, and there are some things you should just never say to a Bachelor fan. I started watching seven seasons ago, and I know I'm not going to stop watching just because someone may think it's dumb. Granted, sometimes even I think it's dumb. But much like you can make fun of yourself but don't like others doing so, I get angry when other people call it stupid.

You're allowed to laugh at The Bachelor if you watch it, but otherwise you're not allowed to because you don't understand. Watching the show is a very unique experience. You basically get to 'ship real people instead of just fictional characters. It adds a whole new level to things and, let's be honest, it's all just very entertaining. ABC knows that their fans come for the love and for the drama so they make sure to include plenty of mockable, hilarious moments.

If you just see The Bachelor as a lame show about dumb women and finding contrived love then you're wrong. It has aspects of that, sure, but it's much deeper than that. For many, Bachelor season is a way of life and for that reason alone you should never say these things to a Bachelor fan.

"You Know It's Fake, Right?"

Um, no it's not. Sure, the dates are constructed and sometimes producers will ask that if the Bachelor doesn't mind, can a certain someone stay around a little longer to keep things interesting? But on the whole the show is very much up to the contestants. They can hand out no first impression roses, or 12 like Sean Lowe did one year. If they can't decide who to send home, they don't have to pick anyone. If they want someone to leave before the rose ceremony, that can be done. Contestants can also leave of their own free will like Sharleen and Andi did during Juan Pablo's season. Sure, producers set the stage, but what happens from there is up to those falling in love.

"Are You Really Making a Bachelor Bracket?"

If this is said by someone who plays fantasy football, just casually remind them of that. Secondly, every show is better when you can bet on the results. Someone who mocks your bracket is probably just someone whose bracket just got busted by a surprise rose ceremony elimination.

"It is Totally Unrealistic"

Oh, you mean going on a date in the Eiffel Tower and then having fireworks spell your name out while cameras film your every move isn't how real life works? Thanks for clearing that up for me. Might I remind you that this is a television show and really none of those are realistic?

"None of Those Couples Last"

That's just not true. Although the rate of success is low, six couples are still together and four of them have even gotten married. And if you think about it, those odds aren't any better or worse than in real life. The average non-reality show love affair is just as likely to end in time, too.

"Watching That is Just an Excuse to Drink Wine and Gossip With Your Friends"

And your problem with that is??? As far as I can tell, sports are just an excuse to drink beer and yell at your television and no one makes sports fans justify that, sooo....

"Chris Soules is Boring and His Season Will Be, Too"

This season's farmer Bachelor may not have been every fan's first choice, true. But that's not who makes or breaks the season's entertainment factor. A lot of that has to do with the contestants. This season, with the most women ever seen on the show and a hilarious production/editing team (just look at that whispering cornfield promo), I think this is going to be an exciting season full of drama.

"You Can't Be a Feminist and Watch That Show"

The Bachelor may seem unfeminist on the outside as it encourages women to compete for one man's love often by throwing each other under the bus, but there are a lot of feminist moments too. Multiple women stood up for themselves on Juan Pablo's season, calling him out on his sexism and general crappy behavior. Plus, Chris' season features a very pro-women crowd which is always inspiring to see. On every season there are some ladies who aren't feminist, just like there are some who are. You can't judge the whole show by the ones who aren't.

"Chris Harrison is Cheesy"

Um, excuse me. Chris Harrison is life. He may think average things are "dramatic" but he also isn't afraid to get real about how terrible Juan Pablo was, and for that he should always be treated with respect. Chris Harrison is the Bachelor spirit guide and you can never trash talk him.

"It's Stupid"

In the words of Andi, "staaahhhpp it." It's a reality show. It's not supposed to be teaching me about math or history or whatnot. It's just supposed to be fun, and if you think having fun is "stupid" then I feel bad for you. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go get ready for The Bachelor premiere on Monday night.

Images: ABC (4); sydneyandrews (2), sugarfixdirtytricks/Tumblr; giphy; Martha Sorren