Tattoos The 'Pretty Little Liars' Should Get, Because Emily Can't Be The Only One With Ink

On last week's episode of Pretty Little Liars, Sara convinced Emily to join her in getting a tattoo. For the record, I remain fairly certain that Sara is, in some capacity, a member of the A team. So take note, Sara — I've got my eye on you, and you had better not hurt our beloved Emily in any way. That being said, I fully support her idea of getting inked. In fact, if it weren't for my crippling fear of needles, I would likely have a Pretty Little Liars tattoo myself, as an homage to my obsession.

Although they would probably draw the line at drawing vials of their own blood as Mona did in her Gone Girl-style plot, Aria, Hanna, and Spencer are considerably braver than me and they should consider getting tattoos as well. Charles (or whoever has assumed his identity) may have forced them to play the roles of his dolls, but they all have strong, distinctive personalities and even A's relentless mind games couldn't take that away from them. There are plenty of symbols and quotes that represent each Liar's interests and values — and some of them would make pretty visually appealing tattoos.

Aria — Camera

From her unique fashion choices to her love of writing and photography, Aria has always been the artsy, literary member of the Liars. Since returning from the dollhouse, she has made clear that she has no interest in writing about what happened to her. However, she has found solace in photography and recently noted that she's decided to "embrace the creepy." If Aria does end up attending Savannah College of Art and Design, I wouldn't be surprised if she chooses to pursue a photography major. She has a keen eye for thought-provoking images and, I'm no expert, but the quality of her photos already looks professional. What better way to cement her love for cameras than by getting a tattoo of one?

Emily — Roman Numeral IV

Emily got inked last week, but there's no harm in getting another small tattoo. You'd be hard-pressed to find a friend as loyal and selfless as Emily and her pals mean the world to her. A tattoo of the Roman Numeral for four would be perfect, because it symbolizes the bond she shares with Aria, Hanna, and Spencer.

Hanna — "I Am Not Afraid Of Storms, For I Am Learning To Sail My Ship" Quote

Hanna's intelligence and courage have consistently been underestimated by her peers, her dad, and sometimes even her best friends. (Ladies, instead of expressing shock at how many colleges she got into, how about congratulating her?) But Hanna has come into her own more and more, and she's slowly gaining the confidence she lacked for such a long time. She's learned to be her own person, rather than a copy of Ali. This quote is fitting for Hanna because she is using life's challenges as an opportunity to grow as a person.

Spencer — "Destroy What Destroys You" Quote

A tattoo would be a little out of character for our resident prep, but I think Spencer could be convinced to get inked with this quote. Out of all the Liars, Spencer is the one I'd be least inclined to pick a fight with. We've always known that she's small but fierce and she proved it again when she instigated their escape from the Dollhouse and the destruction of A's lair. Trying to hurt Spencer (or her friends) is ill-advised, because she'll destroy you and then some.

Ali — Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

Ali's obsession with Lolita has been a theme throughout the series. It's her favorite book and she even chose her alias, Vivian Darkbloom, because it's an anagram of Vladimir Nabokov. Lolita's signature sunglasses would be a perfect tattoo choice for Ali, whose fascination with the book remains one of the show's countless mysteries.

Mona — Transformation Symbol

Mona is a master at transformation — she's undergone more changes throughout the series than we can keep track of. This tattoo of water turning into fire is a symbol of transformation and would be perfect for the girl we still can't quite figure out.

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