9 Tattoos 'Pretty Little Liars' Fans Will Love

by Sara Steinfeld

The only thing more permanent and everlasting than A on Pretty Little Liars is a tattoo, am I right? OK, I may be reaching there, but you have to admit — at the rate the girls receive notes from A/Charles/Current Creature Of The Moment, they might as well have the letter tattooed on their foreheads. Anyway, perhaps the best way to show your love for something is by getting a tattoo in honor of it, so why not get one inspired by your (and my) favorite show?

We're not talking about the faint-of-heart fans here, my friends. Regular fans get PLL rings — SUPERfans get tattoos. And with so many recurring themes from the show, there are so many more options than just any old A marking. In fact, the more obscure and creative the reference you ink on your skin, the bigger the fan! And you know what? If you have to explain it to some random passerby, they don't even deserve to get an explanation — just send an Alison DiLaurentis hair flip in their direction and call it a day. Or, you know, don't. Up to you. These nine tattoos are for all of the PLL lovers out there:

1. An Apple A Day

Anyone who's been paying attention to PLL knows that there are apples EVERYWHERE. The girls picked apples at the Old Campbell Farm (a.k.a. A's lair) when they were little, Ali called the Hastings "bad apples", and some even suggest that they hint that Ezra is A (teacher's pet? Apples? Get it?). This apple tat is a pretty way to show the world that you're onto Charles and his favorite fruit.

2. ROSEwood

If you're feeling extra clever, you could get a plank of wood next to it. Or not.

3. Kisses -A

For obvious reasons.

4. Show Your Rosewood Shark Pride

All while showing your #LeftShark pride, because really, they're one in the same.

5. Pay Homage To Holly Golightly

This is actually one of Ariana Grande's tattoos, and it says "mille tendresse," meaning "a thousand tendernesses." And yes, it's from Breakfast At Tiffany's, the movie that launched one thousand references on PLL.

6. A Is Always Watching

Or so it seems.

7. A Heart For PLL's OTPs

Whether you're all in for Haleb or you're rooting for Ezria, this tiny heart represents the fact that you believe in love, fictional or otherwise.

8. Welcome To The Dollhouse

This one's just way less creepy and, you know, not booby-trapped by Charles.

9. Join The A-Team

And tell everyone you know.

Images: alicergl, claudiacornejoe, the_neon_lady, arianagrande, michelle.hof, tattoo_master_elik, ritahvenzoetattoo/Instagram; surrender-unicorn, shirabeno/Tumblr