A May Be Getting Close To A Certain 'PLL' Dad

by Kaitlin Reilly

A has a tendency to terrorize the liars, but it's not just the girls that are afraid of A. In a new sneak peek for the Pretty Little Liars episode "No Stone Unturned," it seems that Kenneth DiLaurentis is also afraid of someone — and that someone is likely A. After grabbing the mail from his mailbox, Kenneth finds a card tucked inside his windshield wipers on his car. Unfortunately for Kenneth, it seems that a parking ticket would have been a better time, because he's clearly freaking out about the birthday card he just received. When Emily approaches Ali and Jason's dad on her bike, Kenneth demands Emily tell him who was spotted outside his house. Of course, she has no clue — because the card is likely from A.

We can't guarantee that the birthday card is related to the whole A mystery, but, uh, who are we kidding? It's totally related to the A mystery. Sadly, something as seemingly innocuous as a birthday card can be considered a shot fired on Pretty Little Liars, and it seems that Kenneth's card was a pretty big blow. If this birthday card really is from A, then there's a reason the elusive stalker left it there. What might the birthday card say? Here are some ideas...

It's For Charles

We still have no idea if Charles is really dead but even if he is, anyone who knew about Charles would be an A suspect. Perhaps the birthday card was referencing Charles' birthday as a way to taunt Kenneth for his role in messing up Charles' life. It certainly would make Kenneth demand an answer to who put the note there.

It's For Jessica

Ali's mom was offed before she could explain exactly what went down the night she buried her daughter alive, and we still have no clue who really killed her. Could the birthday card be celebrating her birthday — and be from the person who killed her?

It's For Alison

We know that Charles tried to kill Ali when she was a baby and had a strange obsession with his sister. We also know that there's a very real possibility that Charles faked his own death. Could he have sent his sister a birthday card as a way to tell Kenneth he's still around?

It's For Kenneth

If it is for Kenneth, then it's the person who signed it that matters. Could it be Charles? The anonymous "A?" Someone is trying to torment Ali's dad, and they're officially using Hallmark to do it.

Check out the sneak peek below for "No Stone Unturned," airing Tuesday, July 14.

Images: ABC Family (screenshot); Giphy (2); rosewoodspy/Tumblr