'Sherlock' Season 3 Teaser Trailer is Here!

Cumberbitches, rejoice: The teaser trailer for Sherlock Season 3 is here. But for those who need a refresher, (spoiler alert!) Sherlock Holmes dies at the end of Season 2 of BBC's addicting miniseries. But, we sort of know he didn't actually die — because a) we see him, or a ghost of him, or a hallucination of him, or some really convincing doppleganger of him at the very end of the final episode, and b) what would the British import be without it's dashing and curly-headed star? Benedict Cumberbatch, who has prompted an entire following of fans (appropriately dubbed "Cumberbitches"), and who is cameoing in half of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters this year, is certainly the miniseries biggest appeal (Not to mention The Hobbit's Martin Freeman to boot).

But in the teaser, we get a glimpse of the reaction of Holmes' return from the grave: An aging, grey-mustached (yet still somehow foxy) Watson looks concerned into the eyes of a dark-haired gentlemen (HOLMES!). A group of young people simultaneously receive a text message, and one girl utters: "Oh my god!" while thrusting her phone towards the screen. And just like the interworking of Sherlock's brain write themselves across our screen, the text messages and tweets jump from the girl's phone: #SherlockLives.

Clever advertising BBC, you saucy minx.

Sherlock hits BBC America beginning on Sunday January 19 at 10pm EST. See the full teaser below: