Naomi Campbell Shares How Models Of Color Are Not A Trend And Why She Doesn't Use The Word "Racism"

Naomi Campbell isn't only fierce on the runway. She's also fierce and passionate when it comes to the lack of representation of models of different ethnicities. Recently Naomi Campbell shared how models of color are not a trend in the fashion industry. In her recent interview with photographer Nick Knight, Campbell explained how her fight for models of color isn't just to begin creating a trend of more racial variety, but rather to establish an equality amongst races. She explained how, "we are not a trend. It shouldn't have to be that way, just say this girl is a beautiful model," and continues to make a great point about how, "it's not just only one certain color person walking into your store and buying your clothes; it's everyone." Well put, Ms. Naomi.

Campbell took part in Nick Knight's ShowStudio series called, "Subjective" where she strongly stood in a wide stance while shooting two machine guns in a beautiful sheer, black dress. In the interview, Campbell explained how she loved taking part in, "Subjective" because she loved what Knight stood for and the message of how we still live in a world where racial ignorance is so evident. She tells Knight how she doesn't like to classify this racial inequality as, "...racism. It's more territorial-ism. They just don't want to budge — they don't want to change their ideas, be more open-minded."

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Campbell may have been at this fight against inequality for 28 years now, but she is still going at it strong with the Balanced Diversity, an activist network that she began with Bethann Hardison and Iman. Although it'll probably take a while before inequality is defeated, Campbell is doing a great job at taking baby steps towards the possibility of looking at, "a beautiful girl regardless of creed and color."

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