What Country Singer Is Shawn's "Eskimo Brother"?

Since the day Nick Viall showed up on The Bachelorette scene and joined the competition, the other guys haven't exactly been his biggest fan, but no one has been more over Nick than Shawn. From the day they met, Shawn has hated Nick so much that he's literally referred to him as "the other guy" instead of by name, and now that Fantasy Suite dates are happening, the you-know-what is getting real. During his overnight date with Kaitlyn, Nick dropped a bomb that Shawn is "eskimo brothers" with a famous country singer. Wait, what?

I'm just as confused as you are, so I'll let Nick's rant speak for itself:

I don't really respect people who project insecurities and don't give people a chance and people who brag about being eskimo brothers with famous country singers because they f—ked the same girl in the same night but they were first. They lose respect for that.

So, apparently "eskimo brothers" are guys who have slept with the same girl — a truly disgusting term that I'm disappointed exists. I'm mad at Nick for bringing this up to try to gain favor with Kaitlyn, and I'm mad at Shawn if this is something he actually said, but the human side of me is also curious. Wait, which country singer is Nick talking about?

Most likely, Shawn's "eskimo brother" (puke) is Thomas Rhett, since they hung out at CMA Fest earlier this summer. He also follows Blake Shelton on Twitter, but for some reason, I highly doubt that's the guy he's talking about since he's been happily married to Miranda Lambert for years. But being that Shawn is from Nashville, a town that is quite literally rife with country singers, it could literally be anybody. And at the end of the day, it's not really my business, Nick's business, or anyone else's, even if human curiosity occasionally gets the best of us mere mortals.

Ugh, Nick. No. Don't anyone ever use that phrase again. You know which one I mean.

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Image: Rick Rowell/ABC