Shannon & Meghan Battle Once More On 'RHOC'

If and when the opportunity comes up for me to get in a feud with Shannon Beador or Meghan King Edmonds from Real Housewives of Orange County , please remind me to not. On Monday, the feud continued between Shannon and Meghan, but this time it involved smiles and a lot of backhanded comments, proving these women fight mean. In true Real Housewives fashion, these two didn't really solve any of their problems, but they did a great job at brushing over them, so be sure to check out next week when they fight even more about who is the bigger person, and who should and shouldn't be calling people, and who starts charities, and who doesn't invite people to parties, etc. It's going to a real blast.

To recap: Meghan and Shannon originally got in a fight in Napa when Shannon was upset that Meghan called her on her private line. Meghan was upset that Shannon didn't help her with her upcoming charity function. The two squabbled about who was right and wrong over and over again, and eventually returned to the O.C. with California-sized chips on their shoulders. Then, Meghan chose to invite everyone but Shannon to the charity party she was hosting, which caused an even bigger riff, making this the biggest fight in RHOC history to stem from a phone call. (By "biggest fight" I mean "most petty fight," but hey, I love the drama.)

On Monday, Shannon wants to prove to Meghan — and the viewers — that she is the bigger person between the two of them and "extend the olive branch." If you were playing along with the non-existent drinking game that I should have created (or mentioned earlier) and took a swig every single time someone said "extending the olive branch," or "bigger person," you're definitely not going to remember this in the morning because it was said more often than I blink. (If you haven't started playing, start now. Go.)

To make matters worse — or better — Meghan tells Shannon (after Shannon just extended the olive branch and invited her to game night) that Shannon will need to prove herself to Meghan. "Oh no, Miss Thing," Shannon basically says into the telephone receiver (also: love that Shannon is at a desk making these calls. So official.), "Shannon doesn't have to prove herself to no one." So things were really looking up when game night came around.

Because the Gods have a sick sense of humor, Meghan was the first to arrive at Shannon's house, which really extended the olive branch even further, because punctuality counts, people. And while the two were able to fake some smiles and "hugs," (a tap on the back with one arm is not considered a real hug by this Midwestern girl's standards), there was definitely some tension between the two. Just enough that Meghan described the game they were playing as a game "old people play" back Mississippi.

So are these two ever going to fully extend the olive branch so the other can reach it? Who will come out as the bigger person? Are there even that many olive trees in California to constantly be extending, or should we edit this entire thing to be the "extending the orange branch?" I'm sure we'll find out who the bigger person is next week. And the next week. And all the way through the reunions.

Images: Vivian Zink/Bravo