9 'Pretty Little Liars' Love Quotes That Will Get You Through Everything, From The Honeymoon Phase To Heartbreak

Pretty Little Liars never fails to surprise fans with its increasingly complicated web of mysteries, red herrings, people who reappear after being declared dead, and those A reveals that always turn out to not quite be the real deal. There are a few things we can count on, though: the strong bond between the Liars, their enviable wardrobes, families that bring "dysfunctional" to the next level, and, of course, all of those Pretty Little Liars 'ships, and the drama that comes with them. Although Rosewood generally seems like a pretty terrible place to live (just what is their average kidnapping rate per capita at this point?), it does have the upside of being the birthplace of some great romances.

The Liars have gone through plenty of ups and downs with their significant others, but luckily they're tough as nails (I mean, come on — they've been battling A for six seasons now) and can handle pretty much anything. More importantly, they have each other to help survive any heartbreak. Here are nine PLL quotes that show what the Liars have learned about love and relationships. I just know they would want to impart their wisdom to those of us who have relationship struggles, even though we don't have the added stress of sometimes wondering if our significant other could possibly be A. And for more on the many 'ships we just can't stop obsessing over, check out Bustle's PLL podcast.

1. Aria On Why Material Things Don't Matter

She isn't impressed with allowances, and shows that you should be focused on the person you're with.

2. Ali's Warning About Trying To Change Others

Ali's advice is sometimes questionable, but she's right about this one if you remove the gender aspect. Whether a man or woman, if you think you can change someone, you're in for a world of disappointment. Find someone who is perfect in your eyes just the way they are — and feels the same way about you.

3. Hanna Showing How To Be Supportive

Hanna had the perfect response to Emily coming out, and her words apply to everyone. As long as your friend is happy, you should be happy for them.

4. Emily Putting It All On The Table

Sometimes, you need to just tell your crush exactly how you feel, even if it means risking rejection.

5. Aria Getting Real

When someone you care about has a new significant other, it's best to let them know there will be hell to pay if your loved one gets hurt. Bonus points if this significant other happens to be a chef, because then you can threaten to crush their scones, which has a nice ring to it.

6. Spencer Acknowledging Her Pain

It may be easier to shut people out than to tell them what you're truly struggling with, but it only hurts both people in the relationship.

7. Emily Putting Herself First

Anyone should be proud to be your partner, so if they're not ready to own it, make it clear that you'll find someone who will. It may be exactly the encouragement they need — it was for Paige.

8. Aria Believing In True Love

Relationships can be complicated and sometimes painful, but never walk away just because it feels easier in the moment.

9. Hanna Sharing The Best Remedy For A Broken Heart

When things don't work out, this is how you handle a break-up. Well, that and by starting yet another Pretty Little Liars marathon.

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