'MDL:SF's Andrew Greenwell Is Living The Good Life

Andrew Greenwell is basically the fabulous gay real estate agent you never knew you needed. We’ve been to New York and Los Angeles with some of the best agents and some of the most beautiful homes, but now it’s time for Northern California to shine in the Bravo spotlight. Million Dollar Listing San Francisco is premiering on Bravo this week and, from the looks of it, this season is going to be jam packed with gorgeous homes and lots of drama surrounding their sales. Let’s get back to Andrew Greenwell, one of the three Million Dollar Listing San Francisco agents you need to know, and probably the best one, at least in my book.

The 31-year-old was born in Florida, but moved to San Fran (amazing choice) because real estate is booming in the Golden Gate area. He graduated from Florida State University and, according to his bio on Bravo, founded his own brokerage when he was just 19 years old. What a show-off, right? He’s been named one of the top 30 realtors in America under 30 by Realtor magazine, and in the preview he scoffs at the other agents for aiming for $50 million because he’s on the track to do $100 million in sales. Like I said, fabulous. So, this is pretty much the baseline Andrew information you need to know going into the show, but I dug deeper and found out everything you need to know about Andrew from his Instagram account because where else do you go for info on up-and-coming celebs?

He And His Husband Paal Are Adorable

According to his Bravo bio, Andrew and Paal are engaged, but thanks to Instagram I have learned that they married on a really nice boat around three months ago. Does that mean there will be a Million Dollar Listing wedding in our future? We can hope, right?

He Visits His Grandma In The Hospital

Umm, this photo of Andrew in the hospital bed kissing is grandma is absolutely adorable. Grandson of the year? His Instagram is convincing me that he just may be.

He Hits The Gym

Good for him for some gym motivation, but he’s also one of those people who take selfies at the gym. We can cut him some slack on this just this once, though.


I don’t even need to see any houses this season. Someone please tell me that this dog is going to be a regular cast member on this show because this is all I need in my life. The real star of the show has arrived.

He’s A Skier

So, we have no proof that he’s a good skier, but at least he rocks the gear pretty well. Not to mention, he snapped some fabulous pictures of the ski resort.

This Photo

Please note the Mickey socks. He was born to be a reality TV star.

I Really Love Paal

Did I mention I am pretty convinced Andrew and Paal are the cutest couple to happen ever? Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka got nothing on these two.

Images: Andrew Eccles/Bravo