'Sealmoji' Sealing Wax Emoji Rings Let You Seal Your Handwritten Letters With A Smiling Pile Of Poo, Because Why The Heck Not?

Have you ever found yourself engaged in the activity of writing a letter by hand, only to think, “Gee, I wish there was a way I could stick an emoji into this beautiful piece of handlettering I am currently creating!”? I'm going to guess that for most of us, the answer is probably “no” — but if you are one of the few who answered “yes,” good news: Sealmoji sealing wax emoji rings are here, and they're about to launch your handwritten letters into a brave new world. And hey, even if you didn't answer “yes” to my admittedly unexpected question (because let's face it: It came a little out of left field), you might still be the type who gets a kick out of the idea of sealing a letter with a wax poop emoji. Because no matter which way you slice it, that's really, really funny.

Art director Hanna Kregling, copywriter Ricardo Duran, and jeweler and metalsmith Lesley DiPiazza teamed up on Sealmoji for one simple reason: “We just love emojis, and we miss handwritten letters.” Similarly to Kregling's Disney Airbnb project with copywriter Mayra Nunez, Sealmoji mashes up two seemingly disparate things: The Disney Airbnb listings showed what happens when fiction (Disney movies) meets reality (Airbnb), while Sealmoji combines today's digital world (emoji) with the analog one of yore (handwritten letters sealed with wax and a sigil). Could you just draw in a little smiley face at the end of a sentence as a means of adding an “analog emoji” to a letter? Well, yes — but there's something about sealing it with an emoji fashioned in wax that's just so much classier. Even if it's the poop emoji. Especially if it's the poop emoji.

As demonstrated by the project's promo video, all you have to do is write your letter:

Put it in an envelope:

Melt your wax:

Seal it:

And voila!

Heck. And yes.

Oh, and did I mention that these lovely little creations are actually things you can buy? Because they are. They're not just an art project — you can actually get your hands on a ring featuring either the heart-eyes emoji or the poop emoji, with each kit arriving with five writing cards, five envelopes, and one wax stick alongside the ring itself. And if you're feeling really ambitious? You can even request a custom one, although it's worth noting that not all emoji might be doable due to the level of detail involved. In any event, though, each ring is handmade and takes about four to five weeks to complete — but you guys? I would argue that the wait would be worth it.

Check out the full video of Sealmoji in action below, and head on over to Sealmoji's website to nab one for yourself. Or, y'know, just marvel over the fact that they exist (as, for that matter, do a wide variety of emoji-adorned clothing options) . Because that? Is kind of awesome.

Images: Courtesy of Ricardo Duran, Hanna Kregling, and Lesley DiPiazza