Tiana & James Are Going To Shake Up 'Catfish'

Catfish Season 4 isn't over yet — and it's coming back for Season 4B on July 8, with all-new episodes featuring all-new couples. And the first pair on this new half-season of Catfish , Tiana and James, are going to make for an explosive premiere. Both Tiana and James have done their part to make the relationship a mess. Usually on Catfish, one person is pretty much innocent while the other is a deceitful (super-entertaining) liar. But on this episode, we get to see inside Tiana's point of view, and see why she felt as though the only way to preserve her relationship with James was to lie. And it's a big lie, too — she denied having a daughter because James said emphatically that he didn't want kids. It's an especially big lie because Tiana's daughter lives with her full time, and she's been dating James for three years now.

James is being accused of the usual Catfish crimes: claiming not to have Skype, exclusively communicating via texts and phone calls, potentially giving out fake photos, trolling for romance on MySpace, but Tiana makes a claim that may be one of the craziest things I've ever heard on this show. She says that when she mentioned she was considering moving back to North Carolina in order to be with family, James suggested that they should move in together. But once she came to his hometown hoping to meet for the first time, she claims that he not only didn't arrive to meet with her, he completely blew her off for the whole trip, until she had to go home to her part of North Carolina empty-handed.

Tiana and James' social media accounts haven't become public yet, especially because who still has a MySpace right now? But in this interview with Nev from The Boston Herald, they give a serious tease that this episode is going to have a crazy ending.

“We’re dealing with a serious disaster,” Nev says. That’s an understatement. The subsequent reveal goes in a direction that rips through Tiana’s life...I would bet [producers] knew exactly what kind of bombs would be going off... But while the participants might have been lured to their places, the emotions seem raw and real.

Basically, right now I'm sure both participants will have a serious problem with the other's supposed lies. James finding out that Tiana has a daughter will probably come as a shock, and his inevitable deceptions should also be exposed. It doesn't seem like the first episode of Catfish Season 4B has much of a chance at a happy ending, but stranger things have happened on this show — and now there's a whole new bunch of episodes to look forward to.

Image: MTV