How To Make An Iced Latte — VIDEO

This video from Peaceful Cuisine fits into a category I’ve just invented called “meditations with food.” Ostensibly an instructional video about how to make an iced latte, it’s nine minutes of beautiful, mesmerizing coffee making that’ll leave you in a serene daze (and maybe drooling a bit). I don’t even drink coffee, and this video has me wondering if there’s room in my kitchen for an espresso maker and an at-home coffee bean roaster.

Peaceful Cuisine is a YouTube channel founded by Ryoya Takashima, based in Japan. This video shows how to make an iced latte, literally from start to finish, beginning with unroasted coffee beans, and ending with a gorgeous, creamy, caffeinated, icy beverage that, not to put too fine point on it, I want to put in my mouth. Takashima’s process may seem like a lot of work for those of us used to getting our coffee from a drive through line at Starbucks, but practicality isn’t much of a concern when you’re looking at something this pretty. As Takashima writes in a YouTube comment, “fresh home roasted, fresh home ground, organic green coffee beans with unsweetened, food additive free plant based milk. This is the fourth wave of coffee.” (Does that mean it can travel through time?!)

Takashima starts by measuring green coffee beans into a small roaster that he rolls slowly over a flame.

Now the beans look like this (that is, delicious):

He then grinds the roasted beans ...

And tamps the coffee in the filter.

The espresso brews ...

And Takashima adds a single sphere of ice to a glass.

In goes the milk and coffee ...

And, voila! The fanciest iced latte that ever existed.

Watch the whole video (and then grab a coffee):

Images: YouTube (9)