What Is Meghan King Edmonds' Hometown? The Newest 'Real Housewives Of Orange County' Lady Is Not An O.C. Native

One of the reasons that I watch every single episode of every single show in the Real Housewives franchise is to live vicariously through these women who reside in some of the biggest cities in the country. I am fascinated by how location plays such a big role in the story lines for each series. It's interesting to see the women who are born and raised in their show's city and how it is so ingrained in their personalities. Another interesting aspect are the transplants: the women who are just thrown into the hustle and bustle of the big city to play and argue with the Housewives who are already there. One of these women is Real Housewives of Orange County 's newest cast member Meghan King Edmonds.

At first glance, the gorgeous, statuesque blonde can pass for an O.C. native. But this is actually a case where you can't judge a book by its cover. Meghan is not from Orange County, or even California at all. So where is Meghan King Edmonds from? She has a connection with Andy Cohen, and it actually all comes full circle and it makes perfect sense for Meghan to be part of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Meghan brings a fresh perspective to RHOC because she is actually from the Midwest. To be more specific, she was born and raised in St. Louis, Mo. This is why it's a pretty big deal for her to be married to Jim Edmonds, a former center fielder for the St. Louis Cardinals. He was and is a hometown hero with Cardinal fans calling him "Jimmy Ballgame" and "Jimmy Baseball." And in a coincidental connection to her current California digs, Jim has also been referred to by the nickname "Hollywood." Meghan definitely scored big by St. Louis standards.

The two currently travel back and forth between Newport Beach and St. Louis, so it looks like Meghan will always be a St. Louis girl at heart, even if it's part-time.

So what's the connection to Andy Cohen? All of us fans know that the Bravo mastermind is a major St. Louis Cardinals fan since he's from the city, too. I'm sure part of him was dying to meet Jim Edmonds and have him be a part of the Bravo universe along with his wife Meghan.

With her commuting back and forth and Andy Cohen's St. Louis pride supporting her as a new Housewife, it looks like you can take the girl out of St. Louis, but you can't take St. Louis out of the girl.

Image: meghankedmonds/Instagram