Is Mystic Falls The Right Town for You?

If you have never seen The Vampire Diaries, you are definitely missing out. Aside from the constant drama, the show is filled with little details and surprises that truly make it one of a kind. Seriously, from the characters to the story lines, every aspect of the show captivates your attention. But one of the biggest details of the show is actually the setting itself —Mystic Falls, Virginia. In The Vampire Diaries' Mystic Falls, anything can happen.

While it may seem like a cute, quaint town to the naked eye, don't be so easily fooled. Under all that fog, Mystic Falls is oozing with deep, dark secrets. Like, you know, a long history of vampires, werewolves, and all that in between. Over the past few seasons, the town has had its fair share of scares, which normally end in heartache, or, worse, death. From vengeful witches coming back from the dead to vampire/witch heretics, Mystic Falls has seen it all.

Even though Mystic Falls can get pretty creepy at times, it does have a few perks. I mean, who wouldn't want to be in the company of the Salvatore brothers, right? Here are a few signs that you would fit perfectly into the small town overcome by the supernatural.

1. You Have a Thing For Leather

Ever noticed how almost every character dons a leather jacket at least once in the series? If you're serious about moving to the Falls, you better buy one fast.

2. You Enjoy a Good Burger

Mystic Grill is the place to hang out in town. If you don’t like meat, or a good burger, you might be out of luck.

3. You Have an Eclectic Group of Friends

If you’re used to hanging out with a varied group of people, you will certainly fit right in with the people of Mystic Falls. They have everything from over-achieving vampires to headstrong werewolves.

4. You Love Themed Parties

How many decade dances can one school hold? Not to mention all the Founder’s Council events. Hope you like to party.

5. You Appreciate a Town That is Rich With History

A history of vampires that is. One thing is for sure, this town loves celebrating its founding families.

6. You Value Tradition

Some things never change, and you’re perfectly okay with that.

7. You Come From an Influential Family

Be prepared. Almost everyone’s parents in this town are either a mayor or sheriff — or at least they used to be before they all died.

8. You Like To Drink, A Lot

You wouldn’t mind Alaric as a drinking buddy, just as long as it’s not from the vein. Remember, his favorite drink is Bourbon.

9. You Aren’t Easily Spooked

This is a given. Mystic Falls by definition means supernatural, so you better get used to a whole lot of crazy. At least the Salvatore brothers are worth it... right?

Images: The CW; Giphy (9)