What's A "Weed Massage?"

With marijuana now legal in Oregon, Colorado, and Washington, weed entrepreneurs are coming up with all sorts of uses for cannabis which most of us hadn't even thought of before. One of the newest? Treatments called "weed massages," because as it turns out, cannabis can be used to relax you in more ways than just smoking it. Primal Wellness Company, a cannabis spa in Englewood, CO, has created a set of relaxation services that all have to do with marijuana. Meghan Walsh of Ozy, who went to Primal Wellness, described her experience at the spa as blissful.

Walsh's experience began with a hemp vape. Although the hemp was sans THC and therefore didn't get her high, Walsh noted that the steam was flavored like honeydew. She's unsure of whether or not it actually relaxed her muscles, but given that the next step was a body massage using a blend of cannabis and coconut oils … well, total relaxation wasn't too far behind. For about one hour, at the cost of $100, Walsh said she was "flying high," and that her "calves turned to putty." Sounds like a pretty sick deal to me.

As it turns out, cannabis and hemp are not only good for relaxation and getting a buzz that's safer than a lot of other drugs; they also serve a wide variety of purposes that aren't quite as well known. Rumor has it that George Washington grew hemp for industrial purposes — one of the common uses of hemp is making rope and sailing canvases, which was a major need way back when.

Besides massages and rope, check out these four other things hemp and marijuana can be used for:

1. Fuel

Hemp stalks and hemp seed oil can be used to make biodiesel fuel and ethanol/methanol. Plus, it's very environmentally friendly.

2. Paper

People have been using hemp for thousands of years in order to produce textiles and paper. Many people say Thomas Jefferson drafted the Constitution on hemp paper.

3. Soap, Body Cream, and Personal Care Products

Hemp oil, which is free of THC and psychoactive properties, can be used to make all sorts of body care items, like soaps, lotions, massage oils, paints, and lubricants.

4. Fiber

Hemp seeds are an excellent source of fiber and provide significantly more protein than chia seeds or flax seeds when included in a healthy diet.

I don't know about you, but I definitely think it's time to stop being so scared of the marijuana plant, and to start harnessing it for all its eco-friendly, healthy qualities.

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