19 Shark Items On Etsy That Will Instantly Up Your Shark Week Game

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After testing our patience for far too long, Shark Week is finally here (and not the Shark Week that has your significant other scampering for the hills). Discovery Channel's Shark Week is a hallowed annual event and, as is the case with all annual holidays, I prefer to celebrate Shark Week in style.

You might think there's no Shark Week equivalent to tacky Christmas sweaters but you, my friend, are wrong. All you need to do is mosey your way over to Etsy and you are guaranteed to find a plenitude of shark items that will make all your oceanic dreams (and nightmares) come true.

In case you are as lazy as I am, I have undertaken the arduous task of hunting down the most frightfully wonderful shark items on Etsy for your purchasing pleasure so sit back, relax, and partake in copious amounts of Shark Week shopping so your best week of the year doesn't have to end at the whims of the Discovery Channel's programming schedule.

Image: Chris Fallows/Discovery Channel

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