36 Responses To Hillary's CNN Interview

By Kendyl Kearly

Sometimes, keeping mum only makes the public want to hear what you have to save even more. That might have been Hillary Clinton's strategy before her first national interview. After remaining tight-lipped to reporters throughout her campaign, the former secretary of state finally broke her silence to appear on CNN's "The Situation Room" with Senior Political Correspondent Brianna Keilar. The interview aired at 5 p.m. EDT and will also appear on Anderson Cooper 360 at 8 p.m. EDT. But if you missed the first round, Twitter is already responding to Clinton's best moments.

This interview has been a long time coming. Although she launched some social media accounts in April, Clinton has only accepted questions from a handful of journalists, and the only publications that have gotten full interviews from her were local news outlets in early voting states such as New Hampshire and Iowa, CNN says. Clinton received scrutiny for an incident in which her staff allegedly kicked a pool reporter out of her event for the day and another in which journalists were kept away with a rope.

However, Clinton is giving at least one journalist the needed access to gain the public's trust. Trust ended up being a major theme for the interview, along with immigration and her Republican competitors. Twitter users were happy to respond to the most important quotes and moments from the show, whether happily or not. Here are some of the Tweets on the interview:

On Access

On Contributions

On Challenging Topics

On Attention

On The $10

On Discussion

On Political Ferns

On Which Questions To Ask

On Attitude

On Fading Memories

On Proudest Accomplishments

On What's Really Important

On Immigration

On Representation

On Having A Plan

On Solid Opinions

On Shutting Down

On Details

On Defense

On Garbage

On Controversies

On Double Standards

On First And Last

On Trust

On Questioning A Lamp

On Nodding Along

On How Long This Email Thing Will Go

On Scandal

On Female Journalist Power

On The End

On Better Questions

On Truth

On Wonder Woman

On Parallels

On Pointing Fingers

On One New Vote

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