20 Tropical Decor Ideas To Make Every Day Feel Like An Island Vacation

I'm heading off to Hawaii next week for a much-needed vacation (brag much, Emily?), but I definitely know what it's like to be stuck at home all summer. This year, bring the vacation to you with some tropical home decor. There are a lot of things you can do to make the most out of not being able to get away in the summer — be it because you have to work, you're going to summer school, or you're broke like the rest of us — and these cute decorating ideas will have you feeling like you went on the greatest tropical getaway of them all, without ever having to leave your couch.

Image: etsy.com

Coconut Candle

This is literally a coconut candle — coconut base and coconut scent!

Coconut Soy Candle, $8, etsy.com

Palm Leaf Bowls

These are perfect for serving a refreshing summer fruit salad.

Melamine Palm Bowls- Set of 4, $22, onekingslane.com

Coral Clock

Live coral might not come in this gorgeous color naturally, but that just adds to this clock’s uniqueness.

Coral Clock in Cobalt Blue Transparent Art Glass, $62, etsy.com

Garland Banner

Glittery pineapple garlands are perfect for any occasion, in my opinion.

Tropical Gold Glitter Pineapple Garland, $14.11, etsy.com

Headboard Vinyl

This is basically the ultimate way to pretend you’re on vacation. Add an ocean sound white noise machine, and you’ll be golden.

Tropical Headboard Sticker, $99.16, etsy.com

Ice Cube Trays

Obviously, your tequila sunrises would benefit greatly from flamingo-shaped ice cubes.

Flamingo Ice Cube Tray - Set of 2, $21, shop.nordstorms.com

Leaf Pillow

Take a couch nap on this pillow, and pretend you’re on a hammock under the palm trees.

Swaying Palms Pillow Cover, $35, etsy.com

Duvet Cover

You might not be waking up in paradise, but you’ll probably be waking up thinking of piña coladas thanks to this pineapple duvet cover.

Tropical Harvest Duvet Cover, $109.99, dotandbo.com

Palm Tree Wall Decal

Forget Hawaii — the best view is from your couch.

Palm Coconut Tree Wall Decal, $59.99, etsy.com


These pineapples look good enough to eat — but don’t, duh.

Pineapple Decor-Set of 3, $29, etsy.com

Shell Wreath

Apartment? Nah, girl, you live in a beach house.

Beach Wreath, $45, etsy.com

Wood Platter

Serve stay-cation margaritas on this bad boy.

Round Wood Serving Platter, $71.99, novica.com

Pineapple Wall Decals

Wall decals are renters’ and commitment-phobes’ best friends — and these are absolutely adorable.

Pineapple Wall Decal, $21.50, etsy.com

Tropical Rug

Make this the center piece of your living room for a home away from home vibe.

Green Tropical Paradise Rug, $28, society6.com

Shower Curtain

My favorite part of this shower is that it knows that vacation happy hour is 24/7.

Anderson Design Group Flamingo Pattern Shower Curtain, $80, purehome.com

Outdoor Pillow

Don’t forget to add some tropical vibes to your patio and balcony furniture!

Outdoor Square Toss Pillow, $14.90, target.com

Table Runner

A subtle option for adding some tropical flare to dinner time.

Table Runner Hawaiian Palms, $34.34, etsy.com


I mean, they’re called guest towels, but you could totally use them yourself.

Guest Towels- Set of 2, $12.99, hm.com


“Aloha” means “hello” and “goodbye,” which is why this wreath is perfect for your front door.

Tropical Summer Wreath, $80, etsy.com


I love the sculpted design and weathered look of this tropical lamp.

Artichoke Collection Tropical Brown Table Lamp, $198.91, lampsplus.com