Artist Makes Kids' Drawings Into Realistic Art

A Netherlands-based artist Telmo Pieper is turning kids drawings into realistic artwork and it is elevating them dramatically. This is not to say that the kids' artwork wasn't awesome in their original forms; They were honestly impressive. (I still can't draw a stick figure, nor could I draw inside the lines as a child, so I think these kids' art is pretty incredible. Give it 20 years and one of them will be restoring parts of the Sistine Chapel.) Thanks to this project, these drawings have gone from adorable sketches of teddy bears done by a 7-year-old to abstract illustrations. It's fairly adorable and is giving off all the ~hip artistry vibes~ those 7-year-olds were undoubtedly seeking.

The artist behind this operation, Telmo Pieper, was born and raised in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and in addition to "Kiddie Arts" (as he calls them), he is a contemporary spray painter, and he curates a Tumblr and Facebook page. He is also part of an artistic duo with Miel Krutzmann. His other projects range from abstract school portraits to acrylics on paper, and he even sells his prints, if you're already sold on this.

Whether you're looking to express your inner child, or just appreciate this art as telling a childhood story, you'll get a kick out of these prints.

I know every parent thinks their child's artwork is special, but you have to admit, this is just a touch better.

Images: Getty Images; Imgur