If You Loved 'Kenan And Kel,' You'll Love This

Attention, children of the '90s! Former star of Kenan and Kel and lover of orange soda, aka, Kel Mitchell, is returning to Nickelodeon with a new show called Game Shakers. That's right: he overcame that pesky death hoax to bring us the best SNICK-themed throwback ever. Best day ever!

According to Entertainment Weekly, the show centers around two 7th grade girls who create a successful mobile gaming app and start a company. (Oh, tweens these days.) Mitchell will appear in the form of a rapper called Double G who, after threatening to sue the girls for using one of his songs without permission, ends up partnering with them.

“I get to play a hip-hop mogul who is the comedic version of artists like Kanye, Diddy, Eminem and 50 Cent,” Mitchell told Entertainment Weekly. “Double G is a rapper/singer/dancer/entrepreneur/investor, which gives us great story lines on the show. I love playing such a wild character, because you will see some great physical comedy, but he also has heart; he is a single dad that loves his son, Triple G, played by the very talented Benjamin ‘Lil P-Nut’ Flores, Jr. There are so many layers to this character that it is one of those dream-come-true roles.”

If you're anything like me, you celebrating by cracking open a two-liter of orange soda and dreaming of eating a good burger right now. Might I suggest you also check out these awesome GIFs that remind me exactly why Mitchell needs to be back on Nickelodeon now.

When He Was The Optimism We All Need

Two thumbs way, way up for this new show.

When He Took Fast Food To Another Level

There's a reason Good Burger got its own movie.

When He Appeared In Nickelodeon Promos

This takes me back to the day, guys.

When This Signaled The Best Part Of Saturday Night

I mean, how many people do you know that have their own catchphrases?

When He Rocked '90s Fashion Flawlessly

This is everything I loved about Kenan and Kel.

When His Love Of Orange Soda Was All Of Us

Another Kel Mitchell signature, right here.

When He Hung Out With Alex Mack

Oh, hey Kids Choice Awards!

When He Made This Phrase Iconic

Welcome back, Mitchell.

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