These Stars Had the Best American Music Awards Night Ever, Even Though They Didn't Win

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For most of us, the closest we got to Sunday night's American Music Awards was watching it on TV and hashtagging #MileysCat on Twitter. From our vantage point, the awards seemed pretty fun — if you were a winner. Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and more probably had a ball at the show, but if you were one of the passed-over nominees or just a fan in the audience? The AMAs, with their scandal-free performances (well, mostly) and lack of Beyonce to fawn over, likely wasn't all that great.

That is, unless you were one of these six celebrities, none of whom won awards last night but all of whom are apparently BFF with every person you love. Unsurprisingly, they weren't afraid to brag about it. Thanks to Instagram, we got to see all of these "candid" moments, and yeah, we're kind of jealous. Here are six stars who probably had the best night ever at the AMAs, and we'll only try to hate them a little bit.

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