Kylie Jenner Isn't Ditching Layers For Summer

It may be scorching and the temperatures may be rising, but Kylie Jenner is sticking with the layers and coats trend as she makes the red carpet rounds and visits the dentist. The reality star hit up the premiere of The Gallows and topped her casual black outfit with a long white coat boasting slits and black piping. Layers and coats are a thing. But in July? Yep!

Her outfit was turnt up to glamsual with addition of a capey coat.

The younger Jenner sister made effective use of white as a summer-appropriate color but it was, you know, a coat.

Granted, she was at a film bow and movie theaters are known for being as cold as a meat locker. I often have to bring a sweater or hoodie when hitting the multiplex in summer. So the teen could have worn the coat to make a fashion statement and for utility if she stuck around for the screening.

The rest of her outfit was distinctly Kylie. She paired a black crop top with black pants that hit at the ankle and strappy heels. The coat's slits made her outfit appear multi-dimensional and optical illusion-y. It had a striping effect.

The mini stylista also slicked her ever-pouty lips, which were the hottest Kardashian-related discussion during the first half of 2015, with a major, loud shade of red.

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It's like Kylie is wearing tails. You know, the tuxedo kind!

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Her only other accessories were dark aviators and her mother Kris Jenner, who was top-to-toe in super sexy black. Without the coat, Kylie's outfit might have been a bit too casual.

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The cuts in the coat and the boxy shoulders transform it into a high fashion piece. The coat was probably lighter because of that, as well.

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Summer layers aren't just for running errands of teeth cleanings!

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Swapping her usual nude lip color for crimson was another way to take a black and white ensemble from meh to magnifique.

Layers... they're not just for fall and winter anymore.

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