Proof That Lane Kim Is The Ideal BFF

I know a lot of people come away from watching Gilmore Girls thinking, "Wow, I wish my mom and I were as close as Rory and Lorelai," or "Man, I wish Jess was an actual, real person." But for me? I've always wanted Lane Kim to be my best friend. And even though Rory was generally an awesome friend to everyone she came into contact with, there's no denying that Lane had this friendship thing on lock. She may not have grown up with the same warm and loving mother that Rory did, but that didn't stop her from learning how to treat people you care about, and that's definitely one of the best parts of her as a character. In fact, there are a lot of friendship lessons that Lane taught us all on Gilmore Girls, whether those lessons came while Lane was still in high school and hiding her relationship with Dave or long after she was a grown up, married to Zach.

Think about it: Lane's life was a mess. She had to hide her entire personality and every relationship she ever had from her mother; she was forced into a college she hated so much that she ended up living with her messy, stinky bandmates; and she accidentally got pregnant with the first time she ever had sex. Lane has always had a lot going on, and through it all, she was always willing to be there for Rory, no matter what.

Actually, if we were all more like Lane Kim, the world would be a better place.

1. You Must Always Be An Awesome Houseguest

When she temporarily moved into Rory's dorm at Yale, she may have overstayed her welcome, but she tried to make Rory's suite better while she was there. She always cleaned up after herself (and everyone else), she put up with Paris' bad moods, and she always made sure everyone had plenty of coffee. Who wouldn't love having someone like that crashing on their couch?

2. Keeping It Real Is Important — But When You're Honest, Be Kind Too

Lane was always willing to tell it to Rory like it is, without sugarcoating things... but also without hurting her feelings. Whatever Rory was going through, Lane was always there with 100 percent honesty, which is so important in friendship.

3. Always Be There When Your Friends Are In Need

You know, like when they have their first kiss or lose their virginity to their married ex-boyfriend. These are true times of crisis, and any good friend would be ready and waiting for copious amounts of talking it through.

4. Drop Everything To Help Your Friends & Their Family

When Lorelai broke up with Luke and the entire town went pink or blue, Lane dropped all her plans to help Rory grocery shop for the essentials for Lorelai, who was holed up in her bedroom crying. She even remembered to get her a new toothbrush!

5. Spend Time With Friends Whenever You Can, Even If It Means Dressing Up Like a Pilgrim

Lane's mom-approved hours to hang out with Rory were limited, so she did what she had to do — wearing a bonnet for community service included.

6. Accompany Your Friends To Dumb When They're Heartbroken

You never know: You might meet a cute Korean guy who wants to be a doctor and it'll flip your life upside down.

If only we could all have a friend like Lane. And if you don't? That's fine. Just marathon more Gilmore Girls.

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