7 Times 'Gilmore Girls' Rory & Lane Were Your Ultimate Friendship Goals

Now that Netflix has so graciously blessed us with the entire series of Gilmore Girls on instant streaming, I — just like many of you, I'm sure — have spent countless evenings and lazy afternoons hanging out with our favorite Stars Hallow residents. I’ve also often spent time debating on what guy Rory should have ended up with (Jess obviously... just sayin'). However, it's crucial that as we all debate the intricacies of Rory's love life, we don't forget one of the best and most important aspects of the show: Rory Gilmore's relationship with her best friend Lane Kim.

It's really an undebatable fact: Rory and Lane were the best BFFs on TV, ever. Despite Rory leaving Stars Hallow High for Chilton Preparatory in the first couple of episodes, the girls’ bond continued to grow and thrive over the course of the series — even when Rory left Stars Hollow for Yale University. From breakups and makeups, fights with parents, and broken relationships, Rory and Lane remained close throughout the majority of the series. Instead of pulling them apart, the changes in their lives made their bond even stronger — when Rory needed a voice of reason she could always turn to Lane, and, likewise, when Lane needed a break from her overbearing mother, she knew she was always welcome in the Gilmore household.

Need proof? Luckily, there's a ton. Here are seven times Rory and Lane were your ultimate BFF goals.

When They Freaked Out Together Over Rory's First Kiss

You know you and your BFF are kindred spirits when she feels just as excited about something that happened to you as you do, or vice versa. As soon as Dean kisses Rory, she runs directly to Lane's house to tell her the news in detail. Of course, Lane is beyond thrilled.

When They Decided Junk Food Was One of Life's Treasures

If you are an avid fan of Gilmore Girls, you already know that the ladies looked down upon any form of healthy food (seriously, there's an episode where Lorelai freaks out about craving an apple) so their diets mostly consisted of coffee, pizza, and sugar. Fairly early on in the series, Lane and Rory realized that nothing was more enjoyable than stuffing your face while watching others play sports — and they never looked back.

When Rory Helped Lane Dye Her Hair Purple In a Perfect Act of Rebellion

In Season 3, Mrs. Kim informs Lane that she will be choosing her college for her. Frustrated by her lack of freedom, Lane decides to dye her hair purple — and Rory, of course, helps her out. After the deed is done, Lane immediately freaks out and dyes her hair black again, leaving Rory and Lorelai as the only ones who know about this act of rebellion. In a way, this almost strengthens Lane's bond with Rory — after all, only your BFF should share your secrets.

When Rory Told Lane She Lost Her Virginity to Dean

In Season 4, Dean and Rory finally do the deed. However, this was not exactly Rory's most shinning moment. (Dean was a very married man at the time.) However, instead of judging Rory or putting her down, Lane was genuinely excited and wanted to know all of the details. Since Lorelai completely freaked out (as was her right) after finding out, Rory really needed her friend and as usual — Lane did not disappoint.

When Rory Reminded Lane to Keep it Cute

During the third season, Lane cooks up a scheme so that she can try and date her first real boyfriend Dave without making her mother suspicious. Things don't go quite according to plan and Rory has to step in and remind her friend that the green-eyed monster is best kept at bay. It's always up to our besties to keep us in check.

When Rory Gave An Epic Speech at Lane's Wedding

Lane's wedding, which occurred in Season 6, was nearly a disaster. However, things always have a way of working themselves out in Stars Hallow: During the reception, Rory gives a beautiful Maid of Honor speech, where she pulls out a letter that Lane had written to her when they were just kids. It made me feel all of the feels.

When Lane Told Rory She Was Terrified Of Becoming A Mother

In the show's final season, Lane returns from her honeymoon pregnant. Shocked and queasy, she confesses to Rory that she thinks she'll be a terrible mother. Rory convinces her that she will be a fantastic mother, because she already knew enough to not name her child Blanket.

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