20 Books That Will Breathe Life Into Your Creative Side, Because Anyone Can Be Inspired

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Pinterest may have revitalized DIY culture, but that doesn't mean everyone is in on the game. Let's face it: some of us just aren't that creatively inclined. Expectations vs. Reality posts abound online, the most recent of which — that absymal Elsa cake — proves even professionals aren't up to today's DIY standards.

Creativity and talent are two different things — that's why idea people and design people aren't always one and the same. Just because you don't think you're creative doesn't mean you can't be, however, and even if you failed arts & crafts at summer camp, the painting party success shows you can still have fun creating something that doesn't turn out as planned.

If you haven't gotten artsy in a while, clear some space on your calendar for creative time. Whether you like to sew, draw, paint, write... whatever makes your creative side happy, I found 20 books here that will inspire your next project.

I'd like to think I've covered all the bases here, but please don't be offended if I've left out your favorite medium. As I've said before, I think cross-pollination in the art world is vital. So, who knows? Maybe a book on typography will inspire a sculptor, or a book on fashion will inspire a writer. No matter your medium, I hope these books inspire your creative side.

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