13 Ways To Do Your Hair For A Pinup Shoot So Get Ready To Break Out That Bouffant

Pinup photo shoots are a blast, and if you haven't had the experience yet, you may want to consider doing one for the sheer joy of it. But before you dive in, you'll want to know a few ways to prepare for a pinup shoot. Of course, many photographers offering pinup photography usually provide a hair and makeup artist, but before your shoot, you'll want to have an idea about pinup hairstyles — because lets face it, if your hair doesn't say pinup, the whole effect is kind of lost. So, I've put together a list of classic pinup hairstyles that will make your portraits truly stunning.

If you're getting ready for your first pinup experience, having style goals in mind in advance will help you have the confidence to tackle your pre-shoot nerves (because yes, photo shoots can be a little intimidating), and clearly express yourself to your photographer and HMUA. If you're already in on the pinup club, chances are, you've toyed with the idea of doing another at some point. Because not only is the pinup style actually feminist, but it's empowering (it's about showcasing your individuality in a really fun way) and body positive. But, you're probably looking for ways to improve upon your last experience, so considering a new style or slight change to your pinup vibe could be just the enhancement you're looking for.

These hairstyles work for a variety of lengths and textures, and are rooted in both modern rockabilly and classic pinup. Take a few moments to peruse, and plan before your next pinup shoot, using these hairstyles for your perfect pinup inspiration.

Image: xshamethestrongx/Flickr

by Jen Marie

Victory Rolls

Victory rolls are probably the number one go-to for pinup hairstyles. They’re fairly easy to achieve, and make a bold, beautiful statement. They can be paired with flowers or fascinators, can be worn in curly hair or straight, and add pizzazz to just about any updo.

Image: xshamethestrongx/Flickr

Half Up, Half Down Victory Rolls

This look is so lovely, especially if you have long locks. The split victory roll hails to eras past, and the half down hair, especially with a few stray strands, makes for an ultra feminine, demure kind of effect. Pure pinup!

Image: xshamethestrongx/Flickr

Bold Colors

Rockabilly and pinup styles have seemingly unofficially adopted bold hair colors and creative dye jobs as their hair calling cards. Consider something bold for your mane, like a half and half dye, or a unique, bright color to add a little extra excitement to your pinup portraits.

Image: xshamethestrongx/Flickr

Short And Natural

That’s right, natural hair is perfect for the pinup style. It’s fun, it’s flirty, and it’s the perfect balance for vintage apparel and lovely lingerie.

Image: xshamethestrongx/Flickr

Put A Net In It

Fascinators were all the rage in the ’40s,’50s, and ’60s, so they play really well when it comes to pinups. Of course, netting came to be a big part of fascinator style, especially with delicately detailed pins, and petite felt hats.

Image: Courtesy of Jen Schildgen

Bettie Page Bangs

Bettie Page is one of pinup’s classic beauties. And her trademark look included jet black hair and curved bangs. To this day, nothing quite says pinup like Bettie Page bangs.

Image: FrankKovalchek/Flickr

Scarf It Up

Rock your rockabilly, Rosie the Riveter style with the help of a hair scarf. This look is a great way to add some flair to long or short hair, and is a quintessential part of pinup style.

Image: bryan_doane/Flickr

Pin Curls

Pin curls were one of the go-to hairstyles throughout the first half of the 20th century. They were an inexpensive and relatively easy way to create popular curls and volume for women with straight hair, natural hair, or wavy hair that needed a bit of extra direction.

Image: bryan_doane/Flickr

Faux Bangs

Love the Bettie Page bangs, but can’t commit to them on a daily basis? It’s OK, you can fake it. Delicately curl a section of your hair under itself, creating a soft pin curl that mimics the look of bangs. This works well for hair worn down, or in an updo, and if you have any excess strands that stick out, you can always tuck them behind a flower, or a bow.

Image: jariraivio/Flickr

A Bit Bouffant

The bouffant is a trademark look from the ’50s and ’60s, so it will serve you well if you want to embody more of a classic pinup look. Play with your hair down, or for a twist, try styling your hair into a bouffant ponytail, with side swiped faux bangs.

Image: robnas/Flickr

Cropped And Curly

If you’re rocking a bob, consider adding some delicate ringlets, waves, or curls. Short hair was often curled in classic pinups, and curls offer a fun opportunity to spruce up straight locks.

Image: xshamethestrongx/Flickr

Straight And Sweet

As much as curls rock, sometimes straight is more your style. That’s great! Polished straight hair looks lovely with the pinup style, but consider side swept bangs, or a deep side part to add visual appeal and make your straight hair more era appropriate.

Image: xshamethestrongx/Flickr

Flirty In Florals

Pinned back hair, or long flowing locks with floral embellishment go hand in hand with the flirty style of pinup photography. Think scarlet begonias, petite roses, vibrant lilies and you’ll be headed in the right direction. Tuck your favorite flower behind your ear, or pin it delicately between pin curls or victory rolls for a stunning fascinator effect.

Image: darkmares/Flickr