13 Ways To Do Your Hair For A Pinup Shoot So Get Ready To Break Out That Bouffant

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Pinup photo shoots are a blast, and if you haven't had the experience yet, you may want to consider doing one for the sheer joy of it. But before you dive in, you'll want to know a few ways to prepare for a pinup shoot. Of course, many photographers offering pinup photography usually provide a hair and makeup artist, but before your shoot, you'll want to have an idea about pinup hairstyles — because lets face it, if your hair doesn't say pinup, the whole effect is kind of lost. So, I've put together a list of classic pinup hairstyles that will make your portraits truly stunning.

If you're getting ready for your first pinup experience, having style goals in mind in advance will help you have the confidence to tackle your pre-shoot nerves (because yes, photo shoots can be a little intimidating), and clearly express yourself to your photographer and HMUA. If you're already in on the pinup club, chances are, you've toyed with the idea of doing another at some point. Because not only is the pinup style actually feminist, but it's empowering (it's about showcasing your individuality in a really fun way) and body positive. But, you're probably looking for ways to improve upon your last experience, so considering a new style or slight change to your pinup vibe could be just the enhancement you're looking for.

These hairstyles work for a variety of lengths and textures, and are rooted in both modern rockabilly and classic pinup. Take a few moments to peruse, and plan before your next pinup shoot, using these hairstyles for your perfect pinup inspiration.

Image: xshamethestrongx/Flickr

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