7 Types of People You See in EVERY Bookstore

by Amy Sachs

Every reader knows that familiar joy of shopping for new books. You're finally going to read that book that nearly everyone is talking about. Or maybe you're picking up your next book club read. Maybe you're just browsing — who knows what you might find after all.

So you go in, fully prepared to leave with some books, maybe drink some coffee, and spend a lazy afternoon at, arguably, one of the best places around: the bookstore. But when you go in, chances are you find more than books. You find your fellow readers searching for their next favorite book, or their next book club read. Or maybe they're buying children's books! Those are so cute, it can't hurt to look, right? Right.

I've lost a lot of time in bookstores, for sure. What's that saying, "time you enjoy wasting isn't wasted?" If that's not true for bookstores especially, I don't know what is. My point here is that bookstores are great, and they draw all kinds. You never know who you might see or meet there; it's one of the many joys of going. But one thing is for sure: there are 7 kinds of people you see in every. bookstore. ever. Guaranteed.

The Aisle-Sitter

You know the one. You're looking for one specific book, you finally find the right spot for it, and BAM! there's someone poring over a book, directly in front of the shelf. A simple "excuse me" will suffice, but you know if that were you, you'd hate to be moved. But, hey, those couches are there for a reason!

The People Who Make Themselves At Home

They find the one available couch, and build a little nest there. They might be sleeping. They definitely have their bags and belongings everywhere. But at least they're not sitting in the aisles, right?

The Kid Being Dragged by Their Parents

They need an independent reading book. A summer reading book. A workbook for school. They truly want no part of this bookstore, and they aren't afraid to let everyone know it. All you can do is hope they find that magical book to change their mind when it comes to reading. And that they leave, like, ASAP, because no one is here for this screaming.

The Kid Who Wants ALL THE BOOKS

Adorable. Never, ever not completely adorable. They're walking around with a stack of books, most likely trying to convince their parents why, exactly, they need each and every one of them. Impossible to resist. Come on, Mom, they need those!

The Time Waster

They're perusing the magazines. The same shelf for an hour. Checking their phone. Drinking coffee. Checking their phone again. Chances are, they stopped here on their way somewhere else, and had some time to kill.

The Guy Who's Only There For Coffee

Do they know that Starbucks exists outside of this store? Also, very often the same as The Time Waster.

The Student

You can cut the tension with a knife. They're not here to mess around, and yes, they need that outlet.

Image: Natalia Romay/Flickr; Giphy (7)