Jamie Lynn's New Song Brings Sweet Relief

While we've all been fawning over Britney Spears' Vegas residency and her new singles "Perfume" and "Work Bitch," the younger Spears' sister has been quietly tinkering away at her own sound. We've known for a while that she had a country album in the works, but on Monday morning, Jamie Lynn Spears' song "How Could I Want More" was released and it sort of restores our faith in the Spears sisters. Because let's face it: We're happy when they're happy. And they haven't seemed happy in a long time.

Spears has called this yet-to-be released country album her second baby — in case you forgot (as if!) Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to daughter Maddie five years ago, when she was just 17 — and you can tell from her tweets that she's nervous and excited to share this new release with the world. And she should be; it's not like we're the kindest bunch when it comes to new Spears material.

But with "How Could I Want More," the country twang and the simple licks make us feel at home because Spears feels at home. The 22-year-old former Zoey 101 star should have little to worry about in regard to positive reception. With lyrics like "Treats me like a princess, lets me have it my way/I Could tell he's hanging with every word that I say/All he does is love me, he swears that's what he's here for/So, how could I want more? How could I want more?" she steals our hearts.

Jamie Lynn and sister Britney Spears are from Kentwood, Louisiana and they've celebrated their country roots in most aspects of their lives, which up until now, has not included their music. Spears' song is sweet, tender, and oh so country, y'all. It's everything Britney Jean has not been so far, which is, in one word: comfortable. We're already looking forward to hearing more from the younger Spears because hell, it makes us happy.

Take a listen to Jamie Lynn Spears' "How Could I Want More":

Image: JamieLynnSpears/Twitter