Depressing News About Brit's Vegas Show

For those of you who were planning to go see Britney Spears' Las Vegas show, you might just be in for a pre-recorded surprise. Sources have said she will be lip-syncing her entire two year contract, although Spears' representatives have of course said that no such thing will occur.

Personally, I want to believe in the power of Britney, but considering her deal with Planet Hollywood was only inked recently, reports of lip syncing this early on in the game are not a wonderful sign for those looking for an intimate Britney experience when they pay far too much to go see her in Vegas.

If we're being honest with ourselves, news of Britney lip-syncing is not super surprising. She's been all about the whole "it's Britney bitch" thing and auto-tune for quite a while now, we were just hoping it wouldn't come to this sad state of affairs.

When the only hardcore fans you have left are middle-aged gay men, you're either Cher or its time to admit that your talent isn't what it used to be. From that point, the little voices whispering that it's time to up and move to Las Vegas for a paying gig that may or may not involve singing and dancing for the early bird special only grow louder and more insistent (or so I'd imagine).

So if it turns out Britney Spears will be lip-syncing her way through Vegas, well, we'll all be disappointed, but we'll also kind of understand what happened there.