9 Women Ruling The Flare Jeans Game

We may have hit the denim tipping point, since women wearing flare jeans are back for the first time in probably a decade. The oversaturation of skinny jeans undoubtedly reached an all-time high; everyone was (and for the most part, still is) wearing them. Women, men...there are even loads of ankle-constricting styles for hipster babies. It's hard to imagine, but there was a time before skinny jeans. Bellbottoms were huge with the flower power set, peg-leg pants were big in the '80s, and in the '90s everyone was wearing bootcut jeans; but somewhere along the way styles shrunk to skinny, and we've been living that life for a while now. But fortunately for those exhausted by skin-tight skinnies, help is here in the form of flares.

When I was in middle school, I was super into flare jeans, much to the delight of the immature bullies in my class. I wasn't rocking those enormous JNCO jeans, no: I'm talking about the classic mega flared-out sailor style that typically springs to mind when you think "hippie." Instead of pairing my flares with tie-dye or fringed accessories, I kept true to the late '90s and clothed my upper half in too-tight crystal-embellished baby tees and oversize button-down flannel shirts. By the time I hit high school, all the popular girls were living in their surf shop low-rise flare jeans, a style I coveted from afar, as these "cool-kid" retailers proudly refused to create larger sizes for girls like me.

If your ankles need some breathing room, if you're just exhausted with the singular skinny style, if you're craving a newish trend, then you've got to get some flares ASAP. Want some inspiration while you shop? Then check out these trendsetting women in their fashionable flares and start planning your outfits now!

1. Gabifresh

It's no surprise that Gabi is ahead of the curve with this trend. One lovely thing about flares is how they mimic the curve of your butt, adding balance to your entire look. It's fashion feng shui.

2. Shoesandbasics

There's nothing basic about this '70s-inspired ensemble. Her ruffled, off-the-shoulder top adds a level of style nostalgia while still staying on-trend.

3. Marianamorenoo

Everything about this is so cheerful — from her shining grin and beautiful curls, to her matching hot pink items and sassy pose. And those pale flares are the cherry on her style sundae.

4. Jadorefashion

Somehow her dark-wash bellbottom jeans make this look even more patriotic.

5. Thelizblack

A throwback to my middle school days — but with an edgy crop top substituted for the ubiquitous baby tee.

6. Kellyaugustineb

Kelly eschewed the tie-dye and picked classic styles with a modern feel. A cropped turtleneck, sleek green suede jacket, and platform sandals all give a nod to the decade without looking like she's wearing a costume.

7. Ainvogue

A bright & bold crop top + retro-chic flare jeans = the outfit of the summer.

8. Curvyjamby

Keep things casual and pair flares with your favorite sneakers and a flirty tee.

9. Stylebyada

Ada's tailored high-waist flares make her legs look miles long, and the matching lip and bag are the perfect finishing touch to the chic ensemble.

Images: Courtesy Gabifresh; Gabifresh, Shoesandbasics, Marianamorenoo, Jadorefashion, Thelizblack, Kellyaugustineb, Ainvogue, Curvyjamby, Stylebyada/Instagram