How to Apply to Be On ‘Big Brother 18'

You’ve been a fan of the series Big Brother since Season 1. You spend every second of every summer not sleeping, barely eating, and glued to the live feeds. You have calculated game play, have kept track of past challenges, and have started to anticipate twists before they even happen. You even built a see-through loft in your apartment — much to your roommates’ annoyance — just to “feel like one of the Housemates.” Do any of these sound familiar? If so, my friend, you might just be ready to join the cast of Big Brother 18 on CBS. But, how do you apply to Big Brother 18? And, more importantly, what exactly will make the directors take note of your amazing ability to dig through snot-colored gunk and catch tomatoes being hurled at your body? (These are both VERY important skills for any Big Brother housemate, as you well know.)

Well look no further, future Housemate, because I have a step-by-step guide for not only applying to be on the show, but for majorly standing out from the crowd. Because that’s one of the most important things: being yourself, but also showing that you are going to bring a level of fun (and, let’s be real, drama) to the set of Season 18. Sure, it’s a reality show that you’re trying out for, but you know that they’re looking for characters.

So, let’s get started:

First Things First: Choose The Right Outfit

Nothing too fancy. This isn’t a job interview. It should be nice, but casual, and it should define your personality — whatever that may be.

Make A Video

Sure you can go to open calls, but from what I’ve read, this doesn’t get you in the door any faster than a good ol’ fashioned videotape. Thankfully, Big Brother offers some tips to making a killer video. From their website:

Be yourself! We want to get to know who you are as a person. How will your life experience help you win Big Brother? How will you interact with the other houseguests? When describing yourself, remember to cite real life examples. We love a good story!

See what I mean about wanting characters? Be sure to show off who you are and what your story is by using very specific examples in your video. Oh, and be sure to keep it under three minutes, please!

Apply Online

There is a pretty extensive application process online, but submissions open and close at different times during the year. One way to get around a closed submission period? According to Big Brother's casting website: OPEN CALLS. (See above. If you go this route, be ready to play games in large groups a) to see how you interact with other people, and b) to find a way to stand out from the crowd.)

Wait Patiently By The Phone

Or your inbox, really. The old adage is true here: don’t call us, we’ll call you. I would strongly advise against trying to contact Big Brother via social media, email, or phone while you’re waiting to hear back from them, even if you’re dying to know whether you got in. Be patient. If they’re interested, you’ll hear from them.

But hey, there’s always next time, right? Work on your character pitch, get better lighting for your video shoot, and try again next year. Because, if I have my way, this show won’t be going anywhere for a long, long time. Best of luck!

Image: CBS (5)