Kelly Ripa's Rocking A New Blue 'Do

In the not too distant past, everyone's favorite mom and morning show host Kelly Ripa blew up the beauty internet when she debuted crazy cool pink hair. The star joined a long list of others who decided to take the mermaid hair trend and run with it. Boy, did it pay off because she looked amazing. Now, however, the morning show host has shocked us again! Ripa's blue hair has debuted on Instagram, and it's total mermaid realness!

We loved when Kylie Jenner decided to ditch her black, classic Kardashian tresses and rock some seriously amazing, long pastel blue locks. We're not sure, but she may have been inspired by Hilary Duff who could potentially be credited for starting the massively popular mermaid hair trend that's been skyrocketing into popularity lately. Miley Cyrus even rocked blue hair to the Met Gala, and Lily Allen took pastel hair to the next level when she debuted ultra springy watermelon locks. Basically, the rainbow and pastel hair trends are here to stay and getting ever more popular.

Ripa appears to be adding her name to the long list of rainbow and pastel haired celebrities now. Her hairstylist, Ryan Trygstad, showcased Ripa's chic, new hair on his Instagram.

The color isn't just a blanket of blue though. Trygstad appears to have given Kelly several different shades of the color to add dimension to her a-line bob. We've got to say that blue suits you, Kelly, and we can't wait to see that gorgeous head of blue hair in the mornings.

And in case you missed what the hot mama's hair looked like when it was pink, here's a refresher:

It just goes to show that Kelly can pull of any color of the rainbow with ease and style. #Hairgoals, for real!

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Images: Ryan Trygstad, Kelly Ripa/Instagram