Kim K.'s Makeup Artist Loves This Feature

I've been really excited about Kim Kardashian's makeup class because we can't think of a more in the know professional than product creator, marketer, and stylish kingpin of this celebrity family Mario Dedivanovic. In addition to telling us what to expect from the new makeup class, Kim Kardashian's makeup artist reveals his favorite feature on Kim - and no, it's not her bodacious booty.

Kim is never stingy with her compliments. On her Instagram feed, you can always see her giving a shoutout to her longtime makeup artist and friend, Mario Dedivanovic. Together, they've paired up for a "Master Class" in all things makeup, happening in Los Angeles on July 25. It's a pricey $300 to attend, and the dynamic duo expect most attendees to be freelance artist from around the world.

Allure asked Dedivanovic what we can expect from the class, why Kim K. is still his muse, and what makes them a great team.

"I've been hosting master classes for years, and a few months ago my model canceled on me the day before a class in New York. So I called Kim and asked if she would come to the rescue," he said. "She got on a red eye and showed up to be my model! She really enjoyed the whole experience, so we decided to do another class together."

Aw! Kim is a ride-or-die friend, thats for sure. Plus, she's an inspiration to Dedivanovic and totally trusts him as an artist.

"Kim is my muse. We have worked together for years and her face still inspires me until this day," he said. "All of her features are gorgeous but making up her eyes is a dream. She has beautiful almond shaped eyes and very long lashes, and she looks great with bronzy, nude shades."

Kim will be sounding off on techniques, favorite products, and of course, the art of contouring. Apparently, she has some strong opinions about when and where contouring is appropriate.

To read the rest of the interview with Dedivanovic, head over to Allure .

And since you can hardly mention "Kim Kardashian's makeup" without including "contouring" in the same sentence, watch the video below to see whether "clown contouring" actually works (and subscribe to Bustle's YouTube page for more videos):