Amazon, Etsy, & Forever 21 Apps Are Most Popular Among Millennials, According To Forbes

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Mobile shopping apps are growing way faster than any other app, and we have no one to thank but Millennials for that. Forbes worked with a couple of Stanford students to administer a survey to Millennials about their online shopping habits and app usage, and they discovered that 1 in 2 Millennials have downloaded a mobile shopping app. 

Online shopping has become a huge thing, so it makes sense that as internet usage shifts to mobile devices that shopping would follow suit. Sales on mobile shopping apps are set to grow to over $250 billion in 2015, which is a 66 percent increase from 2014. Not surprisingly, the favorite apps among Millennial shoppers are Amazon, Etsy and Forever 21. 

Forbes credits the success of these brands to the fact that they were early adopters to the mobile shopping app trend. Being early adopters also gives brands a high chance of success since they have more time to perfect the user experience as more people download it, which is important, considering most people surveyed said that the main reason they downloaded a brands' app was because it provided a better user experience than the mobile site.


Forbes also points out that brands' apps will not be successful if they make one just to fit in with their competitors. Rather, the app needs to provide value to Millennials, whether that's through a revamped in-store experience or special offers. 


Because we all know no one wants another useless app on their phone...


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