The 7 Stages Of Giving Into Air Conditioning

Remember when it hit 70 degrees for the first time this year and you ran outside without a coat for the first time in months? That was a glorious day, but it's soon to be forgotten, as the heat is rising and the chances of you giving into air conditioning are becoming more and more probable. Provided below are the seven emotional stages of accepting that you need an AC unit in your house, stat.

Yes, they run up the electricity, yes, they're a pain in the butt to install, and yes, they're obnoxiously loud... but you know what else? Air conditioners provide a sweet escape from the simmering summer heat, and that, my friends, is priceless.

You may be trying to hold out on setting up air conditioning in your place, but I can tell you right now, you shouldn't even bother. If you live anywhere that's even remotely hot during the summer, there will come a day when you're so miserably sweaty and heated that you won't even want to move a muscle. The only solution? Clicking "On" on your AC remote control. Make sure you're prepared for this summer — no matter what emotional stage you're at right now, it will always end the same way: in defeat.

1. Excitement

It's not winter anymore, and you couldn't be more happy about that. You can actually walk outside in a pair of cute shorts, your favorite tank, and of course, some Birkenstocks. Life is good.

2. Denial

It's not that hot. Sure, you have to cake on the anti-perspirant the second you get out of the shower, but as long as you're not standing directly under the sun, it's no biggie.

3. Discomfort

You're not happy anymore. Shade or sun, it's bad. You're starting to wish it was winter again (yeah, you've already forgotten how miserable winter really was).

4. Resentment

The weather is not a concept anymore — it's a terrible, horrible monster that's out to get you. You hate the sun, and the sun hates you. You start planning your move to Alaska.

5. Pure Agony

Your friends invite you to meet up with them at the park? No way. Your mailman buzzes you to come down for a package? Don't think so. You can't move. You're pretty sure you're going to melt and no one will ever see you again.

6. Defeat

There's no hiding it anymore. You can't take it any longer. You make your way to the closest hardware store as quickly as is humanly possible to purchase the most expensive AC unit you can afford.

7. Pure Bliss

You have no idea what in the world you were thinking by waiting this long to start using air conditioning. You're home is now your haven, and no matter how hot it is outside your walls, you know that you're safe inside.

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