How To Live Every Week Like It's Shark Week

Sadly, Shark Week doesn't last forever — it is supposed to only last for a week, after all. Luckily, you can still watch and enjoy sharks and shark-themed entertainment outside of the bounds of Discovery Channel special programming. There are lots of ways you can live Shark Week all year round, because you can keep the spirit — and bite — alive with lots of other shark-themed entertainment.

Discovery Channel has been entrancing audiences with Shark Week programming since 1988, and it has become the longest-running event programming in TV history. Pretty awesome for an idea that was thought up by Discovery execs in a bar one night and scribbled on a napkin, according to The Atlantic. It's taken off ever since — more than 40 million people watched in 2014. "Everybody was always fairly surprised that it kept working," Shark Week showrunner Brooke Runnette told The Atlantic. "It kind of taught us what it wanted to be, in a way."

But, hey, it's 2015 and you don't have to be sad it's over — you can keep Shark Week going all year long. This is why on-demand TV was invented, right? You too really can live every week like it's Shark Week, like 30 Rock's Tracy Jordan once said.

1. Watch The New Sharknado Movie

SyFy is giving us all the summer gift of Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! on July 22, which should help you satisfy your shark cravings for a bit. Ian Ziering, his chainsaw, and the rest of the gang will be back to defend this country from its biggest threat — a tornado filled with sharks.

If that's not enough for ya, Sharknado and Sharknado: The Second One are also hilarious good times with lots of sharks.

2. Watch Jaws

There's no better way to get your shark fix than by watching this classic Steven Spielberg flick about an out-of-control shark.

3. Watch Lots Of Other Shark Movies

Sharks are quite the antagonist in movies — they're mean, determined, and have those big ol' teeth. But the Sharknado and Jaws movies aren't the only films to feature crazy and mean sharks. Free movie streaming platform PopcornFlix has several hilarious shark movies that may succeed in satisfying your Shark needs — Snow Shark, Psycho Shark, and Shark Attack , to name a few.

4. Visit An Aquarium

Go check out your nearest aquarium, where you can most likely get up close and personal with a shark — maybe even pet one. Dreams really do come true.

5. Dress Up Like A Shark

You'll be the most popular among your friends.

6. Get One Of Those Balloon Sharks

I once worked in an office that had one and it was the greatest.

7. Go To A Shark Meetup

I'm not kidding. Meetup.com curates lots of different kinds of meetup groups and shark lovin' ones are among them. Check the site to see if there are shark lovers nearby to you.

8. Get Lost In Wikipedia, Starting With The "Sharks" Page

It's like one minute you were reading about types of sharks and then four hours later, you end up on a page about the '90s sitcom The Torkelsons. It's happened to me, and it'll happen to you.

9. Listen To Shark-Themed Tunes

Your ears deserve to have some Shark Week fun all the time, too — and not just with the famous theme from Jaws . Ziering put together a shark-themed playlist on the music service Rdio to celebrate both Sharknado 3 and Shark Week. The playlist is totally tongue-in-cheek and includes tracks like "Swim Good" by Frank Ocean, "Maneater" from Nelly Furtado, "Shark Attack" by Group Love, and more.

10. Re-Watch Katy Perry's Super Bowl Halftime Show (The Shark Part)

There was no one who captivated the Internet more this winter than Katy Perry's Left Shark, who had no idea what he was doing, but danced anyway. Just watch it over and over again.

11. Watch Shark Tank

Unfortunately, no actual sharks appear on this show — the "sharks" refer to the investors who critique the small businesses that are pitched. But those "sharks" do have a whole lot of bite on land, so it might give you the same feeling as swimming with the... you know.

Images: Discovery Channel; Giphy (3)