How Old Are The 'BB17' House Guests?

There are so many questions that CBS Big Brother Season 17 brings up in the summer time. What happens when you put a group on strangers in a house with constant surveillance? How do you know who has a twin, and who is just plain sneaky? And, most importantly, was Aaliyah right? Is age nothing but a number? There is a slightly big range in age from this season's cast, going from 22 to 33. So, who has the advantage: the younger candidates with less world experience, or the older contestants who have been around a little longer? Sure, they're still only in mid-30s at best, but, compared to a fresh outta college 20-something, this can seem like a huge difference.

There doesn't seem to be a pattern with previous winners. The Season 16 champion, Derrick Levasseur, was 30, and, in the cycle before that, the winner was Andy Herren, who was only four years younger at 26. So, maybe mid-range may be the most likely age to win. But, in case we get too hung up on numbers, let's not forget Season 14 hous guest Ian Terry, who was a member of the "Quack Pack" and also the youngest contestant to win the show at the age of 21. For the record: the oldest ever house guest to win was Richard "Evil Dick" Donato, at the ripe old age of 44, but I think he was more the exception, not the rule.

So, let's check out all of the house guest ages on Big Brother, from oldest to youngest, and we'll see who comes out on top.

Shelli Poole: 33

This season's oldest contestant, and she's clearly playing for keeps.

Vanessa Rousso: 32

It's hard to tell her end strategy here, and not just because she's a professional poker player. Still, it seems like she's doing OK so far.

James Huling: 31

A little older then most here, but he plays the game pretty well. Also, his life motto is YOLO, which cracks me up.

Austin Matelson: 30

One of the few contestants in his 30s, Austin actually has a Masters degree in Medieval History. Not positive how it will help here, but, then again, the politics probably aren't that much different.

Da’Vonne Rogers: 27

It's currently looking likely that Day will be the second house guest to be evicted this season, which is a shame, because she was planning to use her much-lauded poker skills to get her far in this competition.

Jackie Ibarra: 27

I think she's hoping that looking like Kim Kardashian will help her get that good reality TV mojo going.

John McGuire: 27

Yeah, the confusing dentist. He makes for good TV, but I don't think he's going to take victory with his floater-slash-pawn strategy.

Jeff Weldon: 26

Sure, he seems like a bit of a jerk, and his collar looks like it wants to be popped at all times, but that doesn't mean he couldn't still win this thing.

Becky Burgess: 26

The girl next door, and an aggressive competitor, she's got more bite then you'd think.

Jason Roy: 25

If I were placing bets based solely on age, I think I'd go for Jason. He's right in that mid-20s sweet spot.

Audrey Middleton: 25

Her life motto is literally, "Throw me to wolves and I'll come back leading the pack!" I guess we'll see about that.

Meg Maley: 25

She was worried about being bored when she moved in, but something tells me that's not going to be an issue.

Clay Honeycutt: 23

The baby cowboy! This good ol' boy from Texas is on the younger side, but is still two years too old to break the record for the youngest house guest to win.

Jace Agolli: 23

Long hair, don't care, am I right, Jace? Poor thing is already gone, the first house guest to be evicted this season.

Liz Nolan: 23

Young and fun for sure, but can she play the game?

Steve Moses: 22

The absolute youngest on Big Brother Season 17, and, if Steve goes the distance, he will tie with Drew Daniel and Jordan Lloyd for the title of second youngest winner in Big Brother history. Considering what a Big Brother superfan he is, I'm sure he's already aware.

Images: CBS (17)