How Cell Phones Are Destroying Our Love Lives

When I look back on the evolution of them, it's not all that surprising that Elite Daily made a video about how cell phones are ruining our love lives. I am old enough to remember a time when all we did with cell phones was call our parents to pick us up from the movies or sometimes play snake. These cell phones were the size of a small baby, had antennas, and lacked cameras. The screens were pixelated green and black and, if you were lucky, you could snap on a colored plastic cover. There was no reason to look at them any longer than it took to dial a number. Now phones are our lives. Little horcruxes we carry around in the palm of our hands, whispering secrets to and clutching to our hearts as though dropping them would lead to certain and painful death. Now instead of staring into each other's eyes we're preoccupied with Siri.

I would love to implement a "no phones" policy (barring calls from mothers, because mothers should always be answered), when my boyfriend and I knock off work and settle into a night together. But it can be hard in a world where everyone expects you to be connected all the time, and where being connected all the time has sadly creeped its way into our work lives. What do you mean you didn't answer that work email at midnight last night? Are you crazy? BE MORE AVAILABLE. Being constantly distracted sometimes means we're not living in the moment, and maybe our love lives are suffering. Here are some of the ways cell phones are ruining our romantic relationships:

1. They're distracting us from giving affection

2. They stop us from socializing at parties

3. They make us despondent in day-to-day communication

After showing us a world in which cell phones rule, the video then shows us a more romantic world in which they don't. Watch the full video below and see the comparison between love without cell phones and love with them:

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