How To Go Above And Beyond As An Intern

Interning can be an exceptionally infuriating practice. You have to deal with going on coffee runs, filing, you're not always treated with respect and are rarely asked to take on real tasks. And at the end of all that, there's my favorite part: You're not even guaranteed a job. It's enough to make anyone want to scream into a pillow — or, in this particular case, one intern left his bosses a nasty note, confessing that he'd be spitting in their coffee the whole time. I guess the intern-life really made this kid crack.

Obviously this intern overreacted and behaved horribly and unprofessionally, but you've also got to stop and wonder what exactly his superiors were putting him through. Like, they had to be doing something less than kosher for their interns wrath to surface in such a bizarrely unique way.

I lucked out during college and had some great internships (where I was treated kindly and generally had very good experiences), but I've heard horror stories of intern friends being completely taken advantage of (while they were, of course, not being paid because they were doing it for ~college credit~.)

Here's the note that ended this kid's intern life for good:

Wonder where that intern is now....

Enough about that. You're better than that intern was. Here are 5 ways you can go above and beyond as an intern and make sure you don't end up like that chump:

1. Ask to take on projects to show your commitment and enthusiasm

If you're getting stuck with the b*tC% work, the best way to say something is to tell your supervisor that you're ready to take on other projects and increase your involvement. Instead of complaining about the tasks you have in front of you, get them done quickly (before your supervisor can give you another stupid task) and then ask for something with more involvement.

2. Once you've completed tasks to the best of your ability, ask for feedback

The best way to learn how you're doing is to ask. Don't just ask how you're doing, and ask specific questions, like how your performance was on a specific project or how you could have improved on a certain deliverable.

3. If you're going to be forced to get coffee, make sure you're getting free coffee for yourself too

Maybe this isn't the mark of an intern that goes above and beyond, but it's the mark of a smart intern. Note: Only get yourself coffee on your boss if they say you can. Otherwise that's just bad form.

4. Make sure you are on time and honor all of your deadlines

Bosses like interns that can get $h*t done when they say it's going to be done. One of the biggest ways to out yourself as 100% green is to not realize the importance of a deadline.

5. Have a positive attitude, even after work you have to go vent at happy hour

It's incredibly difficult to be unfazed by a rude boss. When someone is putting you down, do your best to stay positive and not let it break you down. (Then flip your $h*t when you get home.)

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